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Australia's Top Hidden Swimming Spots
Australia's Top Hidden Swimming Spots

Australia's Top Hidden Swimming Spots

24 Jan 2024

Australia is home to some absolutely iconic swimming spots along its vast coastline.

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Ryley Batt and his car

Ryley Batt gets battle-ready for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games

17 JULY, 2024

We had a chat with the ‘once in a generation’ athlete in the lead up to his 6th Paralympic Games.

Full stream ahead – Jess Fox readies for the Olympic Games Paris 2024

17 JULY, 2024

We met with the greatest individual paddler of all time before she races for her next Olympic gold.

Your Guide to Dog Friendly Camping

Your Guide to Dog Friendly Camping

24 JANUARY, 2024

Let’s get you started with the spots that'll have your dog barking with joy, and the travel information you’ll need to stay prepared!

Find Your Drive helping adult Aussies finding freedom behind the wheel.

27 JULY, 2023

Follow the Find Your Drive stories of four late-in-life learner drivers as they try to conquer their personal obstacles that stood in their way of getting their licence.

good for footy

Local clubs benefiting from the Toyota Good for Footy program

27 JULY, 2023

Explore the sponsorship program that help Australia’s local sports clubs compete with the gear, equipment, facilities and funding they deserve.

Cooking with Masterchef's Tommy Pham Part 1 of 2

27 JULY, 2023

Masterchef’s Tommy Pham guides you through a delicious Gà - Vietnamese Chicken Ragu, sure to warm your families’ hearts on a winter getaway.

Mental pressure, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing and Le Mans.

27 JULY, 2023

When it comes to endurance racing, our mental preparation gives TOYOTA GR drivers the edge they need to finish in first place, and in one piece.

Hugh van Cuylenburg’s GEM approach towards happiness

27 JULY, 2023

Hugh van Cuylenberg and The Resilience Project explores the three pillars of Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness, a platform on which happy lives and relationships can be built.

Toyota access vs. a standard car loan

Toyota Access vs. A Standard Car Loan

24 MAY, 2023

Compare Toyota Access flexibility, features and peace of mind with the standard car loans offered by most banks and lenders.

Banks, brokers or car dealer finance

15 APR, 2023

Learn the differences between dealers, banks and brokers, and why going through a dealer may be your best choice.

Woman in car

Cost vs Coverage: How to make the most of your car insurance

14 APR, 2023

When it comes to car insurance, the differences between low-cost policies and more premium coverage are not always obvious.

Top 10 Podcast Hero Image

Top 10 Podcasts to Move Your 2023 Goals

21 FEB, 2023

As we begin a new year, many of us are looking for ways to improve our lives and achieve our goals.

The big Australian trip

The "Big" Australian Road Trip Guide

21 FEB, 2023

Australia is home to some of the world’s “biggest” attractions – if you know where to look.


Ensuring the Future of GR Corolla Through Super TAIKYU

1 DEC, 2022

Motorsport racing isn’t just a way to fuel a personal passion, it’s our purpose-led technique for building tomorrow’s cars.

Morizo laughing

Lessons from the legend, Morizo

1 DEC, 2022

Morizo is the name of our master driver who personally tests the limits of Toyota vehicles and spearheads TOYOTA GAZOO Racing.

About Toyota Access Loan

29 NOV, 2022

This is no ordinary car loan.

Benefits of Toyota Access Loan

29 NOV, 2022

Toyota Access puts you in the driver’s seat, so you can move forward with the flexibility and assurance you need to take on the road ahead.

Isn’t it great that interest rates are rising?

21 OCT, 2022

David Koch is one of Australia’s foremost business and finance commentators as well as being Executive Chairman of his family business Pinstripe Media and the Ausbiz business and investment streaming network.

Tips to stay on top of your car loan repayments

21 OCT, 2022

Trying to stay on top of your overall finances can be a feat in itself. Here are our best tips for managing your budget so paying back your car loan zooms by.

Celebrating women at Toyota Australia

Celebrating women at Toyota Australia

26 APR, 2022

This Mother’s Day we wanted to take a moment to celebrate all women – and particularly those who have blazed trails in the auto industry here at Toyota and the wider community.

Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022: our journey to greener mobility

26 APR, 2022

Since the introduction of the Prius in 1997, Toyota has been working towards lowering emissions and to celebrate #EarthDay2022.

Hybrid Electric

Hybrid Electric is our extraordinary new normal

22 APR, 2022

We’ve been making Hybrids for over 20 years now.

Which small Toyota fits with your big life?

Which small Toyota fits with your big life?

24 FEB, 2022

Every Toyota has its own personality. Which one fits best with yours?

A Gall Boys All-New LandCruiser 300 off-roading adventure

A Gall Boys All-New LandCruiser 300 off-roading adventure

23 FEB, 2022

If you have any questions about what the All-New LandCruiser 300 series is capable of on the toughest Australian terrain, just ask The Gall Boys.


Para-snowboarder Ben Tudhope speaks with us about his dream to win gold in Beijing 2022

09 DEC, 2021

For Ben Tudhope, being the Australian flag bearer at the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games Closing Ceremony was one of his proudest sporting moments.


Olympic snowboarder Belle Brockhoff speaks with us about her journey to Beijing 2022

09 DEC, 2021

Belle Brockhoff comes from a family of winter sports pioneers, so it’s no surprise then that she continues to make history for Australian snowboarding and help winter sports progress within the country.


The endless possibilities of an Aussie 4WD holiday

18 NOV, 2021

Something extremely positive that came from recent times is a renewed appreciation for just how lucky we have it here in Australia. This is quite possibly the most holiday-worthy place on earth.

women listening to audiobooks

Stories behind the wheel: 10 Audible picks for your next family road trip

18 NOV, 2021

Ever wanted to drive your Toyota through Middle Earth? Take a road trip back through time? Hit the highways of a sci-fi utopia?

Why Toyota Genuine Insurance is the key to genuine peace of mind

18 NOV, 2021

Choosing car insurance for your new beloved Toyota can be overwhelming.

woman videocalling

Speaking of mental health: reconnecting on the road out of lockdown

18 NOV, 2021

As restrictions ease and lockdowns end, we think a vital road to recovery is making the conversation around mental health more visible.

Bonfire Women and SUV

The all-women 4WD community leaving gender clichés in their dust

23 SEPTEMBER, 2021

Katie and Steph from Yeah the Girls 4x4 celebrate sisterhood their way – behind the wheels of their Toyota 4WD.

ellie cole

Paralympic swimming star Ellie Cole holds her breath for gold

20 AUGUST, 2021

Ellie Cole is swimming in gold – having won 4 gold medals at the London Paralympics and returning to win 6 in Rio, championing every single one of her Para-swimming events that year.

Ryley and landcruiser 200

Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby star Ryley Batt on tackling goals of gold

19 AUGUST, 2021

Ryley Batt is more than just an inspirational Paralympian and athlete, he’s a testament to a life lived in the fast lane from day one.


Which are the ultimate Toyotas for Aussie families

19 AUGUST, 2021

A family car is more than just a vehicle, it’s just like another home on wheels. That’s why we need to make sure they meet all our demands – serious safety, plenty of space, and exceptional performance.

father and son

Make your Toyota-loving dad’s day with these top Father’s Day gift ideas

19 AUGUST, 2021

Father's Day is right around the corner! While dads might have questionable ideas about fashion and humour, there’s no questioning the automotive tastes of a dad with a Toyota.

Olympic canoeist Jess Fox speaks with us about chasing dreams upstream

20 JULY, 2021

Jess Fox’s prowess on the whitewater rapids is hard to overstate.


Moving with the times: Our global focus to reimagine mobility

19 JULY, 2021

You might have heard us make a bold claim: we are moving beyond only being a car company to be a mobility company.

Christmas in July? Our top 5 winter wonderland family getaways!

19 JULY, 2021

The cliche in winter may be that everyone goes into hibernation and waits for summer. The truth is winter is bristling with amazing experiences and destinations for the whole family!

Top 5 cheese-heaven road trip destinations for National Cheese Day

17 JUNE, 2021

With domestic travel on the rise, more Aussies are keen to explore and experience new destinations for their culinary delights and get a real taste of locally sourced produce – and what better reason to take your Toyota out for a road trip than artisanal local cheese?

the gall boys

A Gall Boys off-road getaway with Toyota Genuine Accessories~

17 JUNE, 2021

There are few families who know more about outback caravanning in Australia than the Gall Boys.


A breathtaking road trip along Australia’s East Coast with your four-legged friend

20 MAY, 2021

If you’ve ever dreamed of just firing up your Toyota and just taking off down the coast, well, there’s never been a better time to realise that dream.

Mobility Expert Matt MacLeod is charged about electrified car options

20 MAY, 2021

Electric cars? Hybrid cars? Hydrogen-powered cars? What does it all mean and what are the advantages of these sustainable technologies?

How is technology evolving road safety in 2021?

15 APRIL, 2021

One of the most important things people consider when buying a car is – ‘how safe is it?’ But we’re well beyond the days of just considering airbags.

Our top 5 beach camping spots in Australia

15 APRIL, 2021

Our favourite time to get behind the wheel is when the destination at the other end is something blissful. What could be more blissful than falling asleep and waking up to gentle crashing waves?

ownership connected

Sync up with Toyota Connected Services

24 MARCH, 2021

Every experienced driver knows – you have to expect the unexpected when driving on the wide open road. Even the most careful driver can end up in a situation where assistance is needed urgently.

Five podcasts to feed your brain

The Top 5 Aussie Podcasts We're Loving

9 FEBRUARY, 2021

The age of podcasts has well and truly come. Whether you’re off on an adventure or just doing a supermarket run, nothing makes time fly like some lively topical discussion or alluring storytelling like that found in podcasts.

Get 5 years capped price servicing with All-New Corolla Hatch

27 NOV, 2020

As well as delivering a bold experience on the road, there’s so many benefits to the All-New Corolla Hatch. For example, we've extended the Toyota Service Advantage from three years to five. It’s added peace of mind you can take well into the future.

lifestyle fitness

Kicking fitness goals with Katie Brennan’s bodyweight workouts

19 OCTOBER, 2020

One of AFLW’s early legends and captain to the Richmond Tigers, Katie Brennan is no stranger to a home workout[L1] as the owner of KB Performance fitness facility. Alongside the Toyota team, she’s on a mission to keep you fit this Spring with exclusive bodyweight workouts.

toyota catering

Here for tomorrow: Footy, meals and farms

16 SEPTEMBER, 2020

For Toyota, being part of community groups is the cornerstone of our relationship with many Australians. We’re proud of our involvement with these ongoing initiatives that help communities thrive.

how to register for myT


13 AUGUST, 2020

Life can get busy, so it’s nice to find ways to save time. myToyota could help you do just that, with all your Toyota’s information in one handy place. To get off to a great start, see the registration tips below and discover what you can do with myToyota.

Three speedy recipes for dinner party perfection

Three speedy recipes for dinner party perfection

12 JUNE, 2020

Dinner parties are back on the menu this winter! As things get frosty outside, nothing beats the warm glow of conversation around a cosy dining table. Keep the winter blues at bay with the best pick-me-up of all. Home-cooked food.

7 Road Trip Films that’ll put wind in your hair

11 MAY, 2020

There’s something so gripping about a Road Trip movie.

It’s that classic set up – a cast of mostly mismatched characters are compelled to get from Point A to Point B. Unfortunately (or sometimes fortunately) things go awry and they end up taking a wild turn towards Point C, Point D, lose control down a downwards slope and end up stranded at Point Z.

6 simple ways to help you stay healthy at home

11 MAY, 2020

Remember, it’s important to keep our blood pumping and bodies moving while staying indoors. We’ve compiled 6 easy-to-do activities that you can do in and around the house to help you stay healthy that require minimal effort.

myToyota tips & hints: Book a service today.

21 APR, 2020

Did you know that with myToyota you can book your next service from your phone in a few simple steps?

Watch the video (30sec) to see just how quick and easy it is, with myToyota.

$34K raised for Rural Aid at Toyota Country Music Festival

10 MAR, 2020

Just like every year, the Toyota Country Music Festival in Tamworth saw thousands of fans don Stetson-style straw Toyota hats in support of Rural Aid, raising $34,142 for the vital charity organisation over the 10-day event.

Tips and Hints: How to check your car fluids during summer.

6 FEB, 2020

To keep your Toyota running at its optimum, it’s a good idea to ensure your cars essential fluids are at recommended levels. Mid-summer is a great time to check on these levels as some of these liquids have the tendency to evaporate in the heat and after the car has been used on road trips over the summer break. Knowing what fluids to check is important, and your Toyota will thank you for it in the long run.

myToyota tips & hints: Add your car to myToyota Garage for easy online service booking and more

2 DEC, 2019

Make the most of myToyota by adding your car to the Garage
Add your car to the myToyota Garage with your rego, VIN and batch number and take full advantage of myToyota including easy online service booking and access to exclusive rewards.

On the road with Glen Gall

10 Oct, 2019

The Gall Boys have spent all their lives exploring the remote beauty of Australia’s outback. In fact, travelling is in their blood, given three generations have been running their family business Kedron Caravans since 1962.

Your Toyota deserves the best service

5 Jul, 2019

Regular servicing is the key to keeping your Toyota in the best condition for your next adventure. However, where you get your car serviced is just as important as when.

Your first service is now due

5 Jul, 2019

It’s time to book your first service. And to make it all as easy and convenient as possible, it’s up to you how you book it.

Toyota wins in WEC

7 JUN, 2019

For motorsport fans, Le Mans and Nürburgring need little introduction and this month, Toyota GAZOO Racing will take to these two iconic race circuits with passion, fuel and fire.

The evolution of Toyota Hybrid

3 MAY, 2019

Aussie drivers have now bought over 100,000 Toyota Hybrids, and that number continues to grow. These forward-thinking Australians are driving the future, and the future is now.

Toyota kicks off a big year of racing action

3 MAY, 2019

April was packed full of racing action as we kicked off the fourth season of the Toyota 86 Racing Series (T86RS) at Phillip Island, and fired through the forest in the West for the first round of the Australian Rally Championship (ARC).

Kluger Black Edition sets the style

3 MAY, 2019

When it comes to fashion, black is always in style. Bold, strong and striking, it breathes new life into aesthetic appeal and our Kluger SUV is perfectly formed for a black makeover.

Let’s get to know the bold Corolla Hatch

12 APR, 2019

When you think of Australia’s favourite small car, Corolla is the name that comes to mind. A much-loved car throughout the decades, today’s Corolla Hatch is set to impress its loyal fan base, and attract many more along the way.

Get 10% off Jetport Airport Parking

12 APR, 2019

Here at Toyota, we love nothing more than helping you get out and about, which is why we’ve partnered with Jetport Airport Parking* to give you 10% off your next long-term parking spot.

More peace of mind from Toyota Warranty Advantage^

12 APR, 2019

We have always been proud of our record of building cars, SUVs and light commercials to the very highest quality standards. In fact quality, durability and reliability are at the very heart of what we do.

Meet the 2018 Drive Car of the Year – Toyota Camry

14 MAR, 2019

Being named Drive’s Car of the Year for 2018 is no mean feat. First, you’re put through the most intense testing you can imagine by some of the most renowned judges in Australia’s motoring media.

Trading up for a new Toyota is quick and easy

14 MAR, 2019

Whatever you’re driving right now, Toyota or not, you can find out what it’s worth in just a few moments with Toyota’s online Instant Car Valuation.

Directions for updating your maps

5 FEB, 2019

Updated maps are now available for your SatNav. Simply contact your preferred dealership and book in a time for the updates that’s convenient for you.

Toyota GAZOO Racing wins around the world

5 FEB, 2019

It’s fast, furious and action-packed entertainment but more than that, motorsport plays a central part in our development of ever better cars.

See the legend, meet the engineer

5 FEB, 2019

Find out more about the man behind the legendary Supra and his recent visit to Australia. After 20 years, the masterpiece you’ve been waiting for is back, bringing with it the speed, precision and power Supra is famous for.

A convenient new way to buy

5 FEB, 2019

With the introduction of Order & Collect, buying a new Toyota has never been easier or more convenient.

Australia’s #1 selling vehicle for a reason

5 FEB, 2019

It seems three is the magic number for HiLux. It has taken out the coveted trifecta of top selling vehicle, ute and 4x4, making HiLux Australia's favourite vehicle three years in a row.

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