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For Toyota, motorsport is the flesh and blood of tomorrow’s cars. That’s why we compete and support in major automobile races around the world: from our local Australia Rally Championship to the famous Dakar Rally – motorsport is in our DNA.

Years in Motorsport

Sixty-five years in

WRC Titles

WRC races Won

Completed Races

Five continents raced in

A spirited philosophy

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing is the name that unites all of Toyota’s motorsports. It’s a spirit underpinned by a four-tier philosophy that continuously inspires us to hit the race track to create ever-better cars.

GR Motorsports
Seek extreme limits

Seek extreme limits

Racing is the ideal training ground. We seek out the most extreme conditions so that we can learn to develop exceptional cars.

Seek extreme limits

Read the road

The road is our greatest teacher. It shows us what a car should be. Each one trains and challenges us to be stronger and smarter.

Stay driver-centric

Stay driver-centric

Drivers are at the centre of our universe. We use the feedback from every race to help to create driver-focused cars.

Embody Waku Doki

Embody Waku Doki

The Japanese expression for “heart pumping, adrenaline racing” captures the spirit of excitement that runs through all Toyota sports cars.

GR Series

Toyota's GR series is packed with Toyota's latest technologies gained from a six-decade history in motorsports. Drive one and feel the thrill.

GR Series

GR86 image is a pre-production overseas model shown.

GR Motorsports
GR Motorsports
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GR Motorsports
GR Motorsports

All power, all fun, all GR86.

The GR Cup is where Australia comes together to feel the edge-of-the-seat thrill of Toyota GR86 racing.

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GR Motorsports

Six decades of adrenaline

Our obsession with racing started in the outback of Australia in 1957. Since then we’ve been refining every aspect of our cars by learning from the world’s most extreme road conditions.

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