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Find the genuine part that you need to protect your Toyota

Genuine parts, genuine protection.

Toyota Genuine Parts are spare parts available exclusively from Toyota Dealerships. Whether you have a HiLux, HiAce, Corolla or anything in between, all Toyota Parts are made to the same high-quality standards and are designed specifically for your model.

Genuine Parts - Why genuine parts matter

Why genuine parts matter

From brake pads to exhausts, spark plugs to oil filters, our spare parts are developed and tested to help your Toyota always perform and protect you. Always ask for Toyota Genuine Parts, and help avoid the risks associated with counterfeit parts.

Genuine Parts - What are counterfeit parts?

What are counterfeit parts?

Tens of thousands of counterfeit parts are circulating Australia and they’re designed to look like genuine Toyota parts. But there's no guarantee that quality or performance testing has been conducted according to Toyota's standards, or that they're even made with legal materials. Sometimes, they can even contain lead or asbestos.

“Counterfeit parts are often packaged and branded in the style of Toyota Genuine Parts.”

Brand Protection Team, Toyota Australia.

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Think you've purchased or been offered counterfeit parts?

Report any suspicious activity to [email protected].

For your peace of mind

All Toyota Genuine Parts carry a Toyota Warranty[T2][M7] so you can feel confident with every service and repair.

Genuine Parts
Genuine Parts
Why genuine brakes?

Why genuine brakes?

While our brake parts are tested for optimum performance and safety, counterfeit parts can put lives at risk.

Why genuine engine parts?

Why genuine engine parts?

Parts like Toyota Genuine Oil Filters and Spark Plugs were designed and tested according to Toyota's standards.

Why genuine body parts?

Why genuine body parts?

In an accident, counterfeit parts not made to Toyota's standards may affect crumple zones and air bags.

It’s easy to stay genuine

A Toyota box, bag or label doesn't guarantee you're looking at a genuine part. Here's how to make sure your Toyota stays genuine.

Toyota Dealer

Contact an authorised
Toyota Dealer

To purchase genuine parts for your vehicle, please use our website to find and contact your nearest or preferred authorised Toyota Dealer.

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a service

To ensure your vehicle is maintained with genuine parts and fitted by Toyota trained technicians, please contact your nearest or preferred authorised Toyota Dealer.

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Check your insurance policy

Check your
insurance policy

In the event of an accident, contact your insurer to ensure that the policy covers the use of genuine parts purchased from an authorised Toyota Dealership.

The Toyota Genuine Parts range

From specialised HiLux to Landcruiser or Camry components, there’s a genuine part for every Toyota. By insisting on Toyota Genuine Parts, there’s no better way to help keep your Toyota in top condition.

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The Toyota Genuine Parts range
The Toyota Genuine Parts range
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Comprehensive Car Insurance for genuine peace of mind

No matter what happens to your Toyota, you can count on quality repairs with Toyota Genuine Parts.

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Still have questions?

Contact your nearest dealership and talk to our parts specialists.

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