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Pioneer a better tomorrow

Launched in 2014, the Mirai was one of the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and a huge step towards our goal of achieving zero emission mobility by 2050. Now we’re proud to introduce the second generation, with a 30% increase in range, better handling and sharper styling. We’ve taken a huge step towards a hydrogen powered future.

With a 650km range[G11] and quick refuelling, fossil free mobility is becoming more accessible.

No harmful emissions, the only by-product is water vapor.

Abundant resources, hydrogen is everywhere.

All the safety, technology and comfort you expect from a Toyota.

technology of the future

A vehicle for change

Harnessing the power of nature, the Mirai’s fuel technology is one of the most advanced fuel alternatives on the market. Its fuel cell powertrain takes hydrogen and turns it into electricity that powers a more sustainable future.


Energy is everywhere

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It’s in everything, all around us. It’s non-toxic and easily stores for extended times. We believe that hydrogen fuel is ideal for the future of mobility, this is why we’re immensely excited about hydrogen powered mobility today.


Hydrogen is everywhere


No greenhouse emissions

clean storage

Able to be stored as a liquid or gas

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toyota for business

The future of your fleet

Exclusively available as a fleet vehicle, Mirai is designed for businesses looking for an innovative new way to work and travel.

discover hydrogen toyota for business


Turning hydrogen into energy

Our system uses hydrogen to make electricity before sending it directly to the electric motor, so it doesn’t rely on large and heavy batteries.



For hydrogen to be turned into energy it needs oxygen to complete the reaction. The Mirai has a large front grill that takes in oxygen from the atmosphere.

power-to-weight ratio


Hydrogen is stored in the Mirai’s safe, durable and purpose built tanks before being released into the fuel cell system.

power-to-weight ratio


In the fuel cell system, hydrogen and oxygen from the air combine in a chemical reaction that creates electricity to power the electric motor.

power-to-weight ratio

Equals energy and water

After the chemical reaction creates electricity we’re left with water, the only by-product.


Pre-production overseas model shown. Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted.


Ready for today, ready for tomorrow.

The Mirai may seem like a concept car made for the future, but inside you’ll find all the modern and luxurious conveniences you need for everyday life.

car play

Apple CarPlay® [C12]and
Android Auto™️ [C13]

With your apps and contacts on board, you’re just a voice-command away from accessing your messages, directions or your favourite playlists.


14 Speaker JBL Audio [C2]


The Mirai glides silently, so its premium audio system has your full attention. Play music, podcasts and audiobooks in perfect clarity.


12.3" Multimedia Display


This huge colour touchscreen is central to the Mirai’s cockpit. Modeled on smart tablets, the intuitive design ensures easy access to your multimedia, phone and navigation.


A sense of security


Toyota Safety Sense[S1] includes a data communications module (DCM) that enables stolen vehicle tracking, SOS emergency calls and automatic collision notifications for help if you need it.

design interior
design interior

Pre-production overseas model shown. Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted.


Look good feel good

The future we’ve imagined looks sleek and sophisticated. Crafted to cut through the air and turn heads, the Mirai is the result of considered and functional design.


19” alloys

The Mirai’s beautiful alloy wheels don't just look slick, aerodynamic engineering means they cut through the air for enhanced efficiency.


Futuristic silhouette

With a wide stance and a low center of gravity, the Mirai has a sporty presence while its clean and simple lines give it an air of sophistication.


Unique colour

The Mirai is available in a curated range of colours, including a newly developed colour; Force Blue. This flagship colour requires 5 coats of paint to achieve a mirage that switches between light and dark.


Safety focused

No sacrifices were made in the search for renewable energy powered mobility. Safety still remained our number one priority.

pre collision

Pre-collision safety system

The Mirai is designed to detect potential collisions with vehicles, pedestrians and during daylight, cyclists. It can help avoid or reduce the impact of a potential collision by assisting brake force application, and if necessary, automatically applying the brakes.[S1]

lane sensor

Lane Trace Assist

Using Lane Trace Assist, the Mirai can sense if you’re drifting out of your lane and can apply some force to the steering wheel to help keep you in your lane.[S1]


Safe under pressure

The Mirai is equipped with a set of three light and strong hydrogen tanks made from high quality laminated carbon fibre reinforced plastic.


Pre-production overseas model shown. Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted.


Go like the wind

Welcome to a new world. One where putting your foot on the accelerator means something different. By using just the air around you and non-toxic hydrogen you create power.

pre collision

Improved acceleration, speed and range.

The first ever Mirai was our first step towards the future of mobility. Now the new generation is turning up the pace, with an extra 11kW more power, better acceleration and 30% more kilometer range.


Air cleaning acceleration


The Mirai isn't just good for air quality, it’s better. As you travel you’re actually cleaning air as you go. Specialised digital gauges show the driver how much air you’ve purified each trip.


Three drive modes


Select from ECO, NORMAL and SPORT to ensure you get the right kind of performance from the Mirai. Whatever your mood or situation you’ll find the perfect mix of throttle response and fuel saving.

Toyota Electrified


The future of your fleet


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