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LC 70 mobile C-HR

LandCruiser 70 Accessories

Prepare for the toughest conditions with our range of Toyota Genuine Accessories

Custom made

Genuine design

Designed to enhance the built-in features of your LandCruiser, to make your vehicle work harder.

Add value

Added protection

Made to help preserve and protect the condition of your vehicle and keep it looking newer, for longer.

Toyota tested

Toyota tested

Tested to Toyota's rigorous standards to ensure high performance, quality, and durability.


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Wagon Alloy Roof Tray Envi v01

Alloy Roof Tray [P4]

Need to carry a little extra cargo? The Toyota Genuine Alloy Roof Tray has a 120kg capacity, extruded aluminium profiles for strength, and features 6 internal tie down eyelets to safely distribute and secure your load.

Requires 3 Bar Heavy Duty Roof Racks (sold separately). Only available for Wagon and Troop Carrier models.

alloy bull bar

Alloy Bull Bar [P4]

Look after the front of your vehicle with a Toyota Genuine Bull Bar. This alloy option is made with high-strength polished aluminium, and is designed and rigorously tested to provide seamless integration with existing vehicle components and genuine accessories.

Bull Bar Bracket Kit is required for fitment (sold separately).

Bonnet protector clear

Bonnet Protector (Clear) [P4]

Shield your bonnet from light damage and road debris with this clear LandCruiser Bonnet Protector. Designed with durability and style in mind, the high-strength acrylic protector is resistant to cracking and UV discolouration, and easily removable for cleaning.

Land Cruiser 70 Accessories Grille

Front Grille [P4]

Enhance the style of your LandCruiser 70 with this Toyota Genuine Grille. Inspired by the original ‘TOYOTA’ branding of the iconic FJ40 and subsequent LandCruiser designs, the Grille will add a touch of rugged retro to your vehicle’s profile.

Grille shown on GXL Cab Chassis model.

headlight cover

Headlamp Covers [P4]

Keep your LandCruiser looking newer for longer with these Toyota Genuine Headlamp Covers. Designed to help protect your headlamps and your front indicators, the extra large cover fits across all of the main lamps to reduce the chance of stone chips and cracks. Made from a clear, high-strength acrylic that’s resistant to cracking and UV discolouration.

Wagon Heavy Duty Roof Rack 3 Bar Envi v01

Heavy Duty Roof Racks (3rd Bar) [P4]

Get more from your LandCruiser roof racks with the addition of a 3rd bar. The 3rd bar means that up to 150kgs of cargo can be distributed across your heavy duty racks – so you can get more out of your next adventure or road trip.

Compatible with the 2 Bar Heavy Duty Roof Racks (sold separately). Available for Wagon and Troop Carrier models only.


Load Distribution Hitch (LDH) [P4] [G6]

For increased vehicle control and stability when towing, choose the Toyota Genuine Load Distribution Hitch (LDH). The LDH helps reduce towing sway by distributing the load back over the front axle, and has been designed and tested with the Toyota Genuine Tow Bar Kit (sold separately) to help achieve an overall safer towing experience.

LandCruiser70 Heavy Duty Tray

Reflective Tape [P4]

Increase your visibility on the road with Toyota Genuine Reflective Tape. Designed as a low-impact solution that wraps around your LandCruiser 70 tray, the fluorescent tape has been tested for durability, chemical and stain resistance, and adhesive longevity.

Available in a 15 metre roll.

rhino rack

Rhino Rack Sunseeker Awning [W7][C11]**

Create a shaded area and enjoy some fresh air with this UPF50+ awning. It only takes a few minutes to set up or pack away – simply mount the awning to your LandCruiser roof rack, roll it out, and sit back and relax.

Available on Wagon and Troop Carrier variants. Roof Racks, Alloy Roof Tray, additional brackets all sold separately.

Applicable on roof rack fitted Prado, LandCruiser 200, LandCruiser 70 Wagon and Troop Carrier variants, HiLux double cab variant, Fortuner GXL and Crusade variants, RAV4 GXL, Cruiser and Edge variants and HiAce LWB variant.

Also compatible with Alloy Roof Tray fitted on LandCruiser 200 or Prado overhang cross bars (not when fitted on flush bars).

**Sunseeker awning shown on Roof Rack fitted 2016 Prado VX variant.


Sunvisor (Unpainted) [P4]

Minimise glare and increase visibility in strong sunlight, with the Toyota Genuine Sunvisor. Constructed with durability in mind, the sunvisor will withstand harsh elements whilst keeping you comfortable behind the wheel.

Available on Workmate Troop Carrier models, Workmate and GX Single Cab Chassis models and Workmate Wagon models only.

ride rails

Side Rails [P4]

Tackle rugged terrain and heavy-duty situations with the confidence of wrap-around protection. The Toyota Genuine Side Rails are constructed from high-grade steel and black powder coated for corrosion resistance.

Available for front fender protection, or front-and-side vehicle protection (shown). Requires bull bar (sold separately).

troop weather shield

Front Weathershield [P4]

Drive with the windows ajar to enjoy fresh air through the cabin – even on rainy days thanks to these LandCruiser weathershields. Designed to integrate seamlessly with the contours of your LandCruiser, the weathershields will help block wind and water and protect your interior trim from the weather.

Left and right weathershields sold separately.

Steel bull bar

Steel Bull Bar [P4]

Protect your 4x4 with this Steel Bull Bar – engineered specifically for the LandCruiser 70. Made from high tensile steel and powder-coated black for corrosion protection, the design of this rugged bull bar allows for optimum airbag deployment and easy installation of your compatible genuine accessories.

Bull Bar Bracket Kit is required for fitment (sold separately).

Wagon Towing Kit Envi v02

Tow Bar Tongue, Tow Ball, and Trailer Wiring Harness [P4] [G6]

Tow with confidence with this practical and tough tow bar set. Its sturdy fabricated steel construction allows an impressive towing capacity of up to 3,500kg[G6] (braked) and 750kg (unbraked), whilst the design ensures seamless integration with your LandCruiser.

Tow Bar Tongue, Tow Ball and Trailer Wiring Harness sold separately.

wheel chocks

Wheel Chocks [P4]

Make sure your vehicle stays in place when it’s unattended or being serviced with Toyota Genuine Wheel Chocks. Made from a durable rubber blend that’s waterproof and solvent-and weather-resistant, the wheel chocks are as hardy as your LandCruiser.

Available on Industry Range only. Sold as a pair. Wheel Chocks shown on HiLux.

Troop Heavy Duty Roof Rack 2 Bar Envi v01

2 Bar Heavy Duty Roof Racks [P4]

Load up your cargo with these commercial-strength LandCruiser roof racks. Made from black anodised extruded aluminium, the roof racks feature extra large crossbars for increased durability, rubber cushioning to protect your cargo, and plastic end caps for added safety. Available for Wagon and Troop Carrier models only.

wheel nut

Wheel Nut Indicators [P4]

Leave no doubt that your wheels are secured with these Wheel Nut Indicators. Made using tough, fluorescent yellow plastic, they provide added visibility and increased depth to accommodate both steel and alloy Toyota Genuine Wheels.

Available in a set of 20.

LC70 Winch

Winch [P4]

Toyota-enhanced Warn Winches combine premium quality with the most famous name in winches. This LandCruiser Winch boasts 9,000lbs pulling power with high line speed, waterproof connectors, and an Overload Interrupt (OLI) function to help protect your vehicle's electrical systems.

Available in heavy duty steel cable (shown here) or lightweight synthetic rope. Synthetic rope recommended to be replaced every 12 months.

Winch Fitting Kit required for fitment and is sold separately

canvas seat covers

Canvas Seat Covers [P4]

These LandCruiser seat covers are made from a tough, durable canvas that resists abrasion, pilling, heat aging, and fading. They’re specifically designed to fit the LandCruiser and offer maximum comfort – whilst ensuring items such as seat belt buckles, child restraints, and seat side airbags remain fully accessible.

Boot Organiser

Boot Organiser [P4]

This collapsible Boot Organiser is a handy solution to keep your LandCruiser tidy and free from clutter. Featuring an internal divider and a reinforced base, this is a sensible storage solution to keep in your boot, so it’s always there when you need it.

Measures 580mm (L) x 310mm (W) x 240mm (H).

Dash Camera

Dash Camera [P4]

Capture every moment on the road with this LandCruiser dash cam. With 5 different recording modes including continuous loop, incident recording, and parking surveillance, you’ll enjoy the added security and peace of mind.

Continuous loop max. range depends on video quality settings. MicroSD card stores max. 10 x 20sec Impact Detection Technology events. New events record over previous events after 10 events recorded. For details see product manual or toyota.com.au/accessories.

Auxiliary Battery Kit [P4]

This intelligent 3-stage battery charger kit allows fast charging of the auxiliary battery whilst providing vehicle battery protection. For convenience, the Auxiliary Battery Kit can be accessed from the Tray for the LC70.

Battery and battery box not included.

Battery Isolator Switch [P4]

Allow your battery to be easily disconnected during servicing with a Battery Isolator Switch. The kit has been extensively tested to meet Toyota’s strict fire safety standards, to provide protection for you and your vehicle’s electrical system.

UHF radios

UHF CB Radios and Antennas [W6]

Make sure you have dependable communication no matter where you take your LandCruiser, with Uniden®** [C11] UHF CB Radios and Antennas. Uniden®** UHF CB Radios and Antennas are approved parts and accessories supplied by Toyota, to add to your vehicle’s rugged suite of accessories.

Uniden®**[C11] UHF CB Radios and Antennas are approved parts & accessories supplied by Toyota which have different warranty periods depending upon the product. These warranties do not limit and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. See the warranty table in the e-brochure for details.

LandCruiser70 Handbrake Alert

Handbrake Alert [P4]

The Toyota Genuine Handbrake Alert is pivotal in preventing dangerous situations when drivers neglect to apply the handbrake when parking. It works by sounding an alert when the driver’s door is opened and the handbrake is not engaged.

Requires Light Bar Kit or Power Harness to fit (each sold separately).

LandCruiser70 Illuminated Flag

Illuminated Flag [P4]

Enhance the visibility of your vehicle with an Illuminated Flag. Approximately 175cm when fitted, the flag attaches to your LandCruiser 70 tray via a durable quick-release mount and waterproof connector, to fit in seamlessly and safely with your vehicle.

Light Bar Kit is required to be fitted to power the LED light (sold separately).

in vehicle monitoring

In-Vehicle Monitoring System Pre-Wire Kit [P4]

If you plan on installing various vehicle monitoring systems and communication devices, this kit makes it simpler and safer, by providing a convenient single point of access for vehicle information such as speed, tachometer, 4x4, handbrake, driver seatbelt, and driver door signals.

A power harness is required to fit the Handbrake Alert if the Light Bar Kit is not fitted. All accessories sold separately.

LandCruiser70 Light Bar Kit

Industry Light Bar Kit [P4]

Improve nighttime visibility on the work site with the Toyota Genuine Industry Light Bar Kit. The kit includes an LED indicator, taillights, stop lights, reverse lights, a reverse alert, and a flashing beacon with a switch mounted on the console panel.

Replacement bulbs are not required.

LED Work Lamps shown sold separately

LandCruiser70 Light Bar Kit

LED Work Lamps [P4]

Light up your work site with Toyota Genuine LED Work Lamps. To be used in conjunction with a Light Bar Kit, the lamps feature a low current draw and multidirectional adjustment for long lasting, added visibility.

Light Bar Kit required (sold separately).

General Purpose Aluminium Tray (GPA)

General Purpose Aluminium Tray [P4]

The General Purpose Aluminum Tray is a lightweight yet durable option for everyday use. It features an angled aluminium headboard, and practical quick lock dropsides and tailgate.

Under Body or Headboard Tyre Hanger required (sold separately).

Single-Cab variant shown.

General Purpose Steel Tray (GPS)

General Purpose Steel Tray [P4]

For a tray that will get the job done every day, the General Purpose Steel Tray is a solid addition to your LandCruiser. It features a bow headboard with integrated window protector, and a 3mm galvanized flat floor with anti-rattle latches to safely secure your cargo.

Under Body or Headboard Tyre Hanger required (sold separately).

Single-Cab variant shown.

Heavy Duty Aluminium Tray (HDA)

Heavy Duty Aluminium Tray [P4]

For a tray that’s tough yet lightweight, the Heavy Duty Aluminium Tray will stand up to the test. The tray features a round tube aluminium headboard with wire mesh window protector, and tube stirrup steps (single-cab variants only) for ease reaching into the tray. Tail light protectors and wiring guards add an extra layer of support.

Single-Cab variant shown.

Heavy Duty Steel Tray (HDS)

Heavy Duty Steel Tray [P4]

For a tray that will stand up under tough conditions, the Heavy Duty Steel Tray will be a durable addition to your LandCruiser. Fully galvanized with zinc plated components, the tray features a 3mm checker plate floor, round steel tube headboard with wire mesh window protector, and tube stirrup steps (single-cab variants only) for ease reaching into the tray.

Single-Cab variant shown.

LandCruiser70 Heavy Duty Tray

Industry Heavy Duty Steel Tray [P4]

The Industry Heavy Duty Steel Tray is the ultimate tray choice for strength and support. The body structure has undergone strict testing for load, surface, and lateral shift, while the hinge assembly has been subjected to an extensive open-close life cycle test, as well as wind, water, and salt-spray tested for wind-noise, drainage and corrosion. And to help you get the job done, it comes with an inbuilt suite of Toyota Genuine Accessories.

Single-Cab variant shown.

Steel Tray Paint Customisation [P4]

Customise the look of your LandCruiser 70 tray with a fresh paint job. With the option to match your vehicle colour, this is a simple way to achieve a sleek and professional look on the road.

Single-Cab variant shown.

Ready to customise your LandCruiser 70?

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