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All-New, All-Electric Toyota bZ4X.

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Overseas model shown. Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted.

The All-New Toyota bZ4X. Electrify your every day.
The All-New Toyota bZ4X. Electrify your every day.


2WD: 150kW
AWD: 160kW*


2WD: 266Nm
AWD: 337Nm*


71.4 kWh


12.3” display

*Combined specifications for dual motors.

Experience a new kind of freedom

Brought to you by the pioneers of Hybrid electrification, the All-Electric Toyota bZ4X is more than just a means to travel between your worlds – it’s an extension of them. Adapting to your everyday needs with the performance, comfort and technology to take you further in an electric vehicle than you ever thought possible.

Available in 2WD (Front-Wheel Drive) and All-Wheel Drive, with two-tone paint options at an additional cost.

Overseas model shown. Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted.

Two reliable drivetrain choices. Endless destination potential
Two reliable drivetrain choices. Endless destination potential


Elevate the ordinary, enjoy every moment.

Interior of bZ4X on the left. A girl playing soccer on the right
Interior of bZ4X and a girl playing soccer


A spacious haven for every mood

Live larger in an SUV that’s as innovative as it is practical. The electric vehicle platform provides a long wheelbase, affording a wide-cabin design with class-leading leg room and boot space.

bZ4X on the road
bZ4X drive on the road


Reliable now comes fully charged

Backed by over two decades of innovation in Hybrid Electrification, the Toyota bZ4X is engineered to perform. Plus, quiet electric motors and sound-proofed materials means you can travel in tranquility – whether it’s social time, family time or time that is just for you.

Icon eTNGA

A framework for the future

Developed with a dedicated battery electric vehicle platform, e-TNGA, for greater rigidity and a low centre of gravity for improved handling and stability.

Icon off-road

Off-road hero

With its dual EV motors, the top-grade Toyota bZ4X has an all-wheel drive powertrain for enhanced traction, with X-Mode and Grip Control for intuitive off-road performance.

Icon Speedometer

Quick off the mark

Experience instant, smooth and lag-free power delivery. The EV motors generate maximum torque from a complete stand-still, making every acceleration a small thrill.

A woman beside a car
Woman standing next to a car


Power up your lifestyle

Highly compatible charging makes it easier to top up at home or on the go. Universal Type 2 charging (AC) provides power output of up to 11kW, while CCS2 fast charging (DC) supports up to 150kW.

Interior of bZ4X
Interior of bZ4X and a man driving it


A sense of safety

Equipped with the latest Toyota Safety Sense technology, including the Pre-Collision Safety system[S1] and Intelligent Parking Assist. This sophisticated suite of safety and security features offers enhanced performance and is designed to support drivers to mitigate accidents.


Intelligent driving experience

The Toyota bZ4X delivers advanced safety and security, remote convenience, multimedia and more with the inclusion of Toyota Connected Services[CS1].

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Toyota Connected Services
Toyota Connected Services
Blue dots
blue dots


Transforming for a better tomorrow

We are working to reduce the carbon footprint of our vehicles and operations through the development of alternative fuels, new advancements in electrification and beyond.

Icon CO2

All-Electric performance

Battery electric FWD and AWD powertrains help to reduce CO2 tailpipe emissions. With a low centre of gravity and greater rigidity for optimal vehicle performance, you won’t feel compromised making the switch.

Icon thunder

The ability to power on

Public charging infrastructure is expanding rapidly, and has become more and more convenient depending on your location. The Toyota bZ4X is compatible with all of the standard charger types, so you can travel further and charge faster when you need to.

Icon hydrogen oxygen

Innovation in alternative fuels

Toyota’s first hybrid-electric battery vehicle was launched over two decades ago, and the technology has allowed us to produce more vehicles with reduced tailpipe emissions. Today, the second generation Toyota Mirai is powered by hydrogen fuel cells and emits only water from its tailpipe.

Blue dots
blue dots


Full-Service Lease: the new way to drive

A Toyota Finance Full-Service Lease[1] is the all-in-one way to drive the Toyota bZ4X. With running costs conveniently bundled in one simple ongoing monthly payment and no upfront costs. Enjoy the freedom of driving a new car, without the hassle.

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Get that new car feeling

Full-Service Lease is the new way to drive the Toyota bZ4X. Choose to upgrade* to a brand-new Toyota at the end of your lease.

Icon maintenance tools


Your bundle includes servicing and maintenance, vehicle registration, CTP, tyre replacements, Comprehensive Toyota Insurance[2] and Roadside Assist.

Icon timeframe


With no upfront costs and one simple monthly payment, you won’t have to think about a thing.

* Upgrade subject to eligibility and lending criteria. Terms and conditions apply.

[1] Approved applicants only. Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply.

[2] Insurance excess applies.


Electrify your fleet

The Toyota bZ4X is designed for businesses looking for innovative new ways to work and travel. Fill out the form below and select 'vehicles for business' to register for exclusive updates.

bZ4X from the side
bZ4X from the side

Ready to take charge?

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