Toyota Finance for Used Vehicles

With used car finance options to suit your needs, choose from a Toyota Access Loan or Toyota Fixed Rate Loan and finance your next used vehicle with ease.

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Hit the road faster with tailored loan options

Get behind the wheel of your next used vehicle with Toyota Finance. We work with you to find an affordable loan option, designed to meet your individual requirements.

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Toyota Access

A Toyota Access Loan lets you purchase a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned (TCPO) vehicle, with flexible repayment terms and the option to return your vehicle after a set period for its Guaranteed Future Value[F2]. Simply put, it’s finance you drive.

Toyota Finance

Toyota Fixed Rate

With a fixed interest rate for the entire term of the loan, a Toyota Fixed Rate Loan allows for a stable and predictable monthly payment when financing a vehicle purchase. Available for all vehicles, including non-Toyota models.


Different options, same benefits.

No matter which used car loan option you choose, rest assured that you will receive the same great benefits and features.

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Personalised repayments

Our sophisticated software calculates an interest rate tailored to your unique financial circumstances.

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Repayments made easy

Effortlessly manage your used car finance and payments on the go with our convenient online platform.

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Fixed repayments

Enjoy peace of mind with predictable monthly payments through our fixed repayment options.

a man opening car door
a man opening car door

Toyota access

Why choose a Toyota Access Loan?

If you're considering a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, then the Toyota Access Loan may be the perfect fit for you.


Protect against depreciation

With a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV)[F2], know that your vehicle’s value at the end of your loan term is protected (subject to fair wear and tear and agreed kilometres being met).

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End of loan options

A Toyota Access Loan lets you keep your options open at the end of your loan term. When your Toyota Access car loan ends, you will have three flexible options to choose from: trade, keep or return.

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Lower monthly repayments

Because there is a final payment equivalent to the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV)[F2] of your vehicle, you could end up with lower monthly repayments[F9] than you would with a standard car loan.

Discover your options at the end of your Toyota Access Loan


Visit your Dealer to upgrade. If the trade-in value is higher than your outstanding balance, the difference can go towards your new vehicle.

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If you’d prefer to keep your Toyota, you can choose to pay the outstanding balance or refinance the remainder (conditions apply).

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Return your vehicle for the Guaranteed Future Value[F2] agreed and we will put it against the remaining balance owed on your account.

The security of Toyota Certified

Enjoy the assurance that comes with knowing your vehicle has undergone a comprehensive quality inspection completed by qualified Toyota technicians. With Toyota Access, finance your Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicle with ease and confidence.

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a girl looking through car window

Toyota fixed rate

Why choose a Toyota Fixed Rate Loan?

Toyota Fixed Rate loan is designed for all used vehicles, including Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Drive with peace of mind knowing exactly how much you’ll pay each month.


Spoilt for choice

With an extensive range of vehicles on offer, choose from any used vehicles, including Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

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Convenient add-ons

You can incorporate on-road costs such as insurance and roadside assistance related to the purchase of your vehicle into your Toyota Fixed Rate Car Loan.

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Spread the cost

Manage your finances more easily – opt for lower monthly repayments by spreading the vehicle cost over a longer period of time (up to 7 years).

Compare your loan options

To help you make your decision, you might find it helpful to view our side-by-side comparison of a Toyota Access Loan and a Toyota Fixed Rate Loan.

Toyota Access Loan

Toyota Fixed Rate Loan

Vehicle qualification/vehicle options

Only Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicles
Toyota Certified Pre-Owned and non-certified vehicles

Length of loan

Up to 4 years
1-7 years

Repayment types

Fixed repayments
Fixed repayments

Deposit amount

Your choice
Your choice

End of loan options

Trade, keep or return your car with Guaranteed Future Value
Keep your car after your final repayments

how to apply

Applying for your Access or Fixed Rate Loan

Once you have selected your vehicle and used car loan option, you can begin applying for finance with your Dealer.

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Get your documents ready

We have a printable checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

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Get a quote for your personalised repayments

Choose a deposit amount (if any), the frequency of your repayments and loan term, then estimate how many kilometres you’ll drive.

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Begin the process with your Dealer

Start the loan application process for your Toyota Access Loan or Toyota Fixed Rate Loan.

Start the process by requesting a repayments quote from a Dealer


Access and Fixed Rate Loan Fees

LOAN faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

Start the process by requesting a repayments quote from a Dealer

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