Everyone deserves freedom behind the wheel

Follow the journey as Toyota, with a team of experts, helps four Aussie adults overcome the barriers standing in their way and finally find the confidence to go for their driving test.


The First Drive

Follow four Australian adults on their journey to getting their driver's licence - Zac, 30, partially deaf in both ears and vision impaired; Suzzanna, 48, who has failed her learner’s test six times; Harley, 32, who suffers from ADHD and Maddy, 35, a single mother with diabetes.


Detours Ahead

Our hopeful drivers are given expert assistance and encouragement as they work with expert driving instructors, counsellors and a VR driving school, to navigate their own personal challenges, as well as the roads ahead.


Test Day

The end of the road is in sight for Zac, Suzzanna, Harley and Maddy as the final driving test looms and real doubt begins to creep into their minds and old habits re-emerge. Who will pass? Who will fail? And who will pull the pin altogether?

We hope you are inspired after watching these stories.

If you are also looking to find your drive and would like help to make a start, here are some helpful tips.

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