Toyota Halo features

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Toyota Halo Features
Toyota Halo Features


Designed to help protect your drivers at every turn

Streaming data shares insights on usage and incidents, along with vehicle location and more.

Monitoring safety
Monitoring safety

Data insight icon

Data and insights

Follow your fleet's performance with insights into driver location, speed and more.

Trip replays icon

Trip replays

Record and revisit any trip to gain insights into the safety and efficiency of your fleet.

Safety icon

Risk management

GPS enabled vehicle location helps you quickly send support in an emergency.

Key safety features

GPS Tracking icon

GPS tracking

Intersection icon

Detection and recording of driving events

Check icon

Driver dashboard ranking safest drivers

Collision icon

Potential collision detection

Driver icon

Driving events reporting

Notification icon

Driver notification


Everyday visibility for enhanced fleet management

Streamline the day-to-day management of your fleet and gain oversight of your vehicles on the road.

Total oversight of your fleet background image

Oversight of your fleet

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Learn how geofencing works

Learn how Geofencing works

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Key management features

Geofencing icon


Calendar icon

Maintenance scheduling

bell notification icon

Customisable alerts

Vehicle verified icon

Fleet reporting

Map icon

Vehicle tracking


Make better decisions about your fleet needs

With centralised data on your vehicles and fleet trips, identifying patterns and cost-saving opportunities is easier than ever.

Understanding fleet cost
Understanding fleet cost

Health icon

Vehicle health

Remotely view your vehicles' metrics including fuel levels and odometers, so you’re not caught out by service and maintenance requirements.

Vehicle icon

Utilisation rates

Access your fleet’s mileage and idle time to improve vehicle allocations across your business.

right angle icon

Identify efficiencies

Features like driver performance analysis and automated logbooking help you maximise workflow.

Key cost features

Maintenance reminders

Maintenance reminders

Report icon

Vehicle utilisation report


Consistent reporting for a more efficient fleet

Bring your fleet’s vehicles, drivers and trips into the one platform so you can focus on your business journey – no matter where you are.

Integrated reporting
Integrated reporting

book icon

Seamless logbooking

Improve the speed and accuracy of your logbook process with automated data entry and flexible export functionality.

light bulb icon

In data we trust

Actionable insights including trip history, vehicle utilisation, last movement and driving behaviour reports help you better understand your fleet activity.

Intuitive Reporting

Intuitive Reporting

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Key reporting features

book icon

Electronic logbook

Vehicle icon

Trip reporting

Speedometer icon

Driver and driver dashboard

storage icon

Report scheduling

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Learn more about Toyota Halo

halo map
halo map

How Toyota Halo works

Our innovative telematics solution can be integrated into your current fleet software solutions and workflow. Whether you have an existing Toyota fleet or you’re looking to build a new one, get started with Toyota Halo.

How Toyota Halo works

meeting room
meeting room

Two plans to choose from

Our Fleet Management Plan comes with complete Toyota Halo Fleet Management Software and Telematics. Our Data-Feed Plan provides a telematic data-only API feed, integrating with existing fleet software.

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