Useful apps for managing a mobile workforce

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With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, it can be hard figuring out what applications are right for a business with a mobile workforce.

Aside from adapting to ever-changing market conditions within your own industry, small businesses must also keep up with emerging tech trends in order to stay ahead. But if you’re a business with a mobile workforce, managing a fleet of vehicles that rely heavily on mobility, what apps and technologies might be your go-to solutions?

As of the first quarter of 2019, users could choose to download between 2.6 million Android™️, and 2.2 million iOS® apps, reported The Business of Apps. That’s an astounding figure. Obviously not all of them are created for business professionals, but many new technologies can help small businesses take a giant leap forward. Often, it might seem that opportunities created by digital technologies are constrained to tech-based companies and start-ups – but tapping into the right technologies can help with many parts of your business: from development of new products to access to new markets, bettering efficiency, productivity and more importantly, improving the bottom-line.

According to Deloitte, 91% of Australians have a smartphone device. For any business, that’s a great opportunity. Not only does it allow you to connect better with your customers but it can also connect you better with your workforce.

Here, we take a look at some useful apps for fleet-operated businesses.



This award-winning online job management system is created specifically for businesses with mobile employees. It streamlines business processes such as job scheduling, quotes and time and materials tracking.



With Trello, you can easily collaborate with your team to see the big picture of your project move along on a board from start to finish. You can add tasks, notes and shared files in a fun, flexible and organised way.



With Canva you can easily create all your social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content for your business. It is available on web and mobile, and integrates millions of images, fonts, templates and illustrations to help with all matters of marketing.


ATO Logbook

With ATO’s free app, businesses can easily record and manage expenses and trips relating to their business vehicle. The app also lets you switch between GPS and manual mode in logging your journeys and recording your work kilometres.

To learn more about the logbook method and what vehicle expenses are tax deductible, read our guide to tax expenses and how to keep track of them.



As a workplace communication tool, Slack can easily become your single place for messaging, tools and files, especially if you’re running remote teams. There are two methods of chat in Slack: channels (group chat), and direct message or DM (person-to-person chat).

It’s usability and reliability stand out and it’s very easy for non-technical users to pick up, giving you a great opportunity to onboard your entire team into one communication tool.


The suggested applications provided in the article above are of a general nature only and do not constitute advice. They are subject to change at any time without notice.

This information provided is of a general nature and for information only. Nothing in this article constitutes or should be considered to constitute legal, taxation or financial advice. Before making a decision about any of the products and services featured on this article, you should consult with your own independent legal, taxation and financial advisors, who can advise you about your personal circumstances.

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