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How to brand your business vehicle

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HiLux logo
HiLux logo

HiLux WorkMate model shown

Your business vehicle may just be your most important asset. Not only does it carry your equipment—it also carries your message to potential customers whenever you drive.

No doubt, your business vehicle spends a lot of time on the road. At a minimum, it’s getting you from job to job, but at best, it acts as a moving billboard. Knowing how best to display your business brand on your vehicle might not be straightforward.

Let’s unpack what makes great branding for your business vehicle, and what doesn’t.

Make it clear

No matter what you want to display on your business vehicle, make sure people can read it. Remember, you’re a moving billboard; your potential customers won’t have enough time to read your company mission statement. Tell them who you are, what you do and how to contact you.

Be memorable

How many white plumber’s vans do you think are on the road right now? Do something that makes your van stand out. If people remember the big orange plumber van, then you’ve won half the battle. It is probably worth repeating our first point though, remember to make it clear.

HiAce Logo
HiAce Logo

HiAce SLWB model shown

Make it easy to read

Try to avoid text that’s difficult to read. Make sure anything you want people to read is nice and large and in a simple font. All written information should be easy to grasp from a distance, and while moving.

Clear logo
Clear logo

Use all angles

Remember that your business vehicle has four sides, treat each side as a separate billboard. Go with the assumption that potential customers will only see one side, does it have all the necessary information on it? If someone is sitting behind you at the lights for 20 seconds they should be able to work out who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. People generally won’t double back for a second look.

HiLux branding
HiLux branding

HiLux WorkMate model shown

Invest in good artwork

High resolution photography or professionally designed illustrations will give you the best result. Low resolution imagery will appear pixelated when blown up full size on the side of your vehicle. If you’re planning to have more than one business vehicle in the future, make sure you get the right licence from the artist to display the artwork multiple times.

Keep it clean
Keep it clean

Keep it clean

A clean, professional van shows potential customers that you take your business seriously. Keep your van and artwork 100 percent clean at all times.

Stay on brand

While it is important to stand out from the crowd, you should still stay relevant to your brand personality and your business type. It should go without saying that a hearse shouldn't be adorned with huge colourful logos and phone numbers. If you own a jumping castle delivery company, then go for it.

How’s my driving?

After covering your business vehicle in the perfect visual branding, there’s just one more thing to remember — drive safely. The whole world can now see who you are, and what you do. Don’t become known as the fish tank repair person who cuts people off while they’re trying to merge.

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