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Wyndham Woven City 2050

  • This project will expand our Smart Cities Immersive Data District program to allow students to redesign Wyndham as a ‘woven city’.
  • Students will work within a digital 3D model to create a future vision for the city, inspired by Toyota Woven City. Students will be able to totally redesign and reimagine Wyndham within this digital space, focusing on liveability and happiness, and encompassing mobility, energy, logistics, agriculture & food, IT, healthcare, education, entertainment, finance, safety & security and smart homes.
  • Student designs will then be projection-mapped to a scale 3D model of the city, with a dashboard displaying stakeholder satisfaction, resource use and other variables.
  • The project will leverage the existing space and projectors, with the focus being on human-centered design, SDGs and futuristic urban planning. Students will create and manipulate their models on PC’s/laptops, and then plug their model in to the projection space where their work will be visualised in 3D.

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Toyota Community Trust Wyndham Tech School
Toyota Community Trust Wyndham Tech School