Spark Engineering

Spark Engineering Camp - Melbourne

Spark holds a week-long residential camp in both Melbourne and Brisbane, impacting 120 students nationwide. This year 25 spots have been allocated for students from Melbourne’s West.

During the camp, students get the opportunity to go on field trips to multiple universities, exploring different pathways, and participate in hands-on engineering related activities.

Students also get to work on their personal skills, meet likeminded people and interact with engineering professionals to find out more about STEM careers/studies.

Spark is a youth run project, all committee members and camp mentors are university students who share a passion for STEM.

  • 120 students
  • Years 10-12
  • Week long camp

About Spark Engineering

Spark Engineering Camp uses engineering as a platform to encourage Year 10-12 students from non-traditional backgrounds to pursue tertiary education. It aims to inspire students to believe in themselves to reach their full potential.

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Spark Engineering Camp
Spark Engineering Camp