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3D Printing in Schools Project

The 3D Printing in Schools Project is designed to develop sustainable and scalable models of professional learning that lead to effective implementation of STEM learning outcomes and improvement in primary school students’ critical, creative and Design Thinking abilities.

This project makes STEM learning fun and engaging for primary students whilst also teaching them life-long skills like Design Thinking, critical thinking and persistence as well as relevant technology (3D design and printing and additive manufacturing).

As well as addressing grant focus areas, the project works towards the goals of the National STEM School Education Strategy 2016-2026. Participating teachers will plan, teach, evaluate and document a unit of work incorporating 3D technologies in STEM learning.

Makers Empire's Learning by Design course is the only program we've aware of globally that teaches Design Thinking in a 3D design and printing context at the primary school level. Learning by Design was the subject of a 12-month Macquarie University research study focused on primary school makerspaces, which showed clear evidence of its efficacy and learning benefits for students and teachers.

  • 8 primary schools in selected Western suburbs.
  • 2 teachers per school to do Makers Empire's Learning By Design course.
  • All teachers and students in schools to have access to Makers Empire for three years to ensure schools have the opportunity to implement 3D printing across every grade level.

About Makers Empire

At Makers Empire, we want to help children become creators, innovators and problem solvers who can adapt and pivot when necessary to flourish in a dynamic world. So we equip educators with the tools, resources and support they need to embrace creativity and making in education for improved student performance, engagement and learning.

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