Science-focused professional development for primary school teachers

These hands-on workshops explore six themes: Mathematical Skills; Science Inquiry Skills; Biological Science; Earth & Space Science; Physical Sciences; and Chemical Sciences.

Using easily accessible and cost-effective materials, teachers learn how to design and deliver awesome science lessons directly linked to the curriculum.

Additionally, three Science Clubs, each running for six months, will engage students in hands-on science experiments. Workshop participants can also attend to consolidate their learning.

This project addresses the need to strengthen science teaching skills and the perception that science requires specialist and hard to access equipment.

  • 6 scientific themes
  • 300 workshop places
  • 4 science clubs

About Fizzics Education

Fizzics Education is one of Australia's leading science outreach providers of interactive science workshops and shows. Delivering science programs in class rooms, via video conference and in public spaces, it reaches approximately 300,000 children throughout Australia and around the world.