Unleashing teacher-led STEM innovation

The Toyota Changemakers program is an opportunity for 40 educators teaching in Melbourne’s west to increase access and engagement in STEM learning at their schools.

These emerging and aspiring primary and secondary education leaders will be encouraged to review problems and missed opportunities in STEM at their school and innovate sustainable solutions using design thinking methodologies. In addition the Changemakers will be equipped with explicit skills to support their leadership of their change initiatives.

During the year-long program, they will participate in practical face to face training sessions, supported by individual coaching and mentoring.

This project addresses the need to empower local teachers to create and implement solutions tailored to their school’s need.

  • 40 teachers
  • 25+ schools
  • Year-long program

About Education Changemakers

Education Changemakers is an organisation that is focused on unleashing teacher-led innovation and equipping teachers across Australia to make sustainable changes that benefit their students.