STEM Immersion for Remote Communities

There are two components to this project:

  • DeadlyScience will provide high-quality STEM learning resources to 15 remote schools and communities. These resources will include books, individual STEM learning and experiment kits, and school STEM experimental supplies (lab coats and goggles for classes, experimental gear as needed, and two high-quality microscopes for each school). The goal is to tackle the resourcing disparity that is endemic to remote communities, which accumulates to an educational poverty issue that has multi-generational effects.
  • DeadlyScience will take the first steps to establish a network of educational weather stations across remote communities. With in-kind support from scientists at Monash University, spearheaded by A/Prof. Shayne McGregor and Prof. Christian Jakob, DeadlyScience will install cutting-edge data-generating weather stations and develop, produce, and distribute a weather and climate education program. The program will be codesigned with remote teachers and communities, involve deep cross pollination between Indigenous and non-Indigenous weather and climate knowledge, and link remote students and teachers with top-tier scientists and their research.

About DeadlyScience

  • DeadlyScience is raising the next generation of Indigenous STEM leaders. They introduce STEM to young Indigenous people to develop a love of science and care for the country. To achieve this, DeadlyScience provides science books, resources, and educational experiences to remote Indigenous students across Australia.
  • DeadlyScience have established relationships with 120 remote and very remote schools, foster homes, and juvenile justice centres, and have provided over 16,000 books and STEM resources across this network.

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logo deadly science