Pop-Up Code Lab for Girls

This project is creating a reusable, Pop-Up Code Lab that’s easy to transport, assemble and disassemble. The engaging space immerses young girls in an imaginative world of discovery and play, igniting strong engagement with STEM.

It also enables strong and consistent delivery of Code Like A Girl programs in accessible community venues.

Short workshops in the Code Lab include: Girls and Games; Robotics; HTML and CSS; Creative Coding; Build a Chatbot.

  • 36 workshops in new code lab
  • Benefiting 700 girls in Years 1-12
  • In six municipalities in Melbourne’s west

About Code Like A Girl

Code Like A Girl creates accessible, low-cost education and pathways into technology. It addresses the under representation of women in IT – less than 24% in the workforce and only 1 in 10 enrolments in IT based degrees.
As well as providing strong female role models in the tech industry, it delivers community coding workshops for various levels and ages, as well as high quality tech-infused events with inspirational speakers and activities.