BrainSTEM SMART Innovation Program 2022

  • BrainSTEM STEM Mentoring and Research Thinking Innovation Program (BrainSTEM SMART Innovation Program) is based on a balanced STEM + soft-skills development approach. Targeting Year 9-10 students, the program incorporates mentoring, teamwork, critical thinking, research and soft-skill development on a STEM-based foundation.
  • To address barriers within STEM, BrainSTEM will provide the following programs:
    • Innovation Challenge: STEM Mentoring Program for students in Year 9-10. Student teams (4-5 students/team) are matched with a STEM mentor for a period of 12-weeks. Developing and building their skills in STEM, research, problem solving and critical thinking, students learn about the Sustainable Development Goals and solve some real community challenges.
    • Workshops: Design Thinking & Problem Solving Workshops: Year 8-11 Students, Entrepreneurship & Business Model Canvas: Year 8-11 Students STEM & Design Thinking Masterclass: Teachers in Secondary School
    • Mentoring Mindset Coaching: Developing mentoring skills in early and mid career academics and professionals

About BrainSTEM

  • The BrainSTEM mission is to help raise the next generation of STEM leaders, change-makers and innovators; instilling them with a belief to become whatever they want to become. BrainSTEM encourages the next generation to help understand and solve problems that matter. Consequently helping them find their voice.
  • BrainSTEM runs mentoring programs in STEM and Design Thinking. Focussing on developing skills in critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving, it aims to raise interest in STEM to pursue tertiary education and careers.


BrainSTEM Logo - Toyota Community Trust
BrainSTEM Logo - Toyota Community Trust