AVID Australia

Improving the quality of STEM teaching and learning

This project will improve the quality of STEM teaching and learning at four secondary schools in Melbourne’s west.

The grant will fund the writing and delivery of STEM professional learning workshops for STEM teachers and specialist coaches over 18 months.

By increasing teachers’ confidence, capabilities and attitudes towards teaching STEM, the engagement in and learning of students in STEM subjects will improve.

The workshops will draw on research-informed professional learning principles by modelling student-centred, classroom-based, and teacher-led activities.

  • 4000 secondary students
  • 360 teachers
  • 4 schools in Melbourne’s west

About AVID Australia

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a system that supports teachers to improve the quality of teaching and student learning from kindergarten to university by closing achievement and opportunity gaps for all students regardless of their postcode or circumstances.

Our theory of change is that if we hold all students and teachers accountable to the highest standards, by providing academic, social and emotional support, then they will rise to the challenge.

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AVID Australia
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