Good for Footy

What makes Toyota Good for Footy?

At Toyota, we’re all about inspiring progress. And that’s what we set out to do with our ongoing commitment to growing the game of Aussie Rules in the community. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a girl turning up to her first game or an ageing veteran slugging it out before you hang up the boots. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about building confidence, pushing boundaries and making friends.

Committed to helping grow the game from the grassroots up, Toyota has helped clubs raise over $6 million since 2008 through the Good for Footy program. Over 500 local clubs from every state and territory have benefitted.

Community Stories: Diamond Creek

Diamond Creek Women’s FC is one of the largest women’s football clubs in Australia, boasting 130 players from the Under 12’s, right up to the seniors.

Through the Toyota Good for Footy Raffle, the Creekers have raised more than $3,000 to buy trophies and keep encouraging young girls to play Aussie Rules in a safe, supportive environment.

Community Stories: Pyramid Power

Pyramid Power’s team bus is more than just transportation; it’s a lifeline, moving young players hundreds of kilometres from remote Queensland communities to training sessions and games.

Through the Toyota Good for Footy Raffle, the Power raised more than $1,000 to keep the old bus on the road.

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Community Stories: North Albury

Last season, North Albury FC were left feeling flat after a break-in saw them lose a swag of new footies.

But, with a little help from the Toyota Good for Footy Raffle, ‘The Hoppers’ raised $1,000 to replace stolen Sherrins - ensuring every young gun could continue playing and developing their skills in the game they love.

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George’s Story

Meet George, the Waverley Toyota Dealer Principal. George’s support for the Toyota Good For Footy Program expands much further than the short distance between his dealership and the two local footy clubs: the Mount Waverley Demons and the Mazenod Panthers, located just across the road.

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Daniel’s Story

Meet Daniel, the Mount Waverley Demons vice-captain, who aims to guide his team to a Premiership trophy in his first season with the club.

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Anthony’s Story

Meet Anthony, he is celebrating his eighth year of pulling on the guernsey for the Mazenod Panthers. His brother, Nick, joined the club 12 months ago after watching his brother play for years and being inspired by his sportsmanship.

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Toyota Good for Footy Raffle

The Toyota Good for Footy Raffle is fundraising made easy! Toyota provides all prizes and grassroots clubs get 100% of the proceeds. In 2017 alone, the Toyota Good For Footy Raffle enabled the 412 participating clubs to raise a total of $682,000.

Check out more below if you’re keen to learn about how the Good For Footy Raffle could help your club kick some serious goals.

Good for Footy Raffle National

Toyota Good for Footy Round

In Round 15 of the 2018 Toyota AFL Premiership Season we saw many teams kick some impressive scores, which translated to cash for grassroots clubs, thanks to Toyota Good for Footy Round! Over the weekend, 18 worthy grassroots clubs across Australia were paired with each AFL team, and for every goal kicked by their aligned AFL team, the grassroots club pocketed $250.

The close contests and fast gameplay resulted in a huge 249 goals across the 9 games, that’s $62,250 for local clubs!

After the success of Toyota Good for Footy Round in 2017, which saw clubs become $48,500 richer, the activity in 2018 has again helped to support the game we love at a grassroots level.