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Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Promise

The best-new cars make the best-used cars, so getting a high-quality Toyota at a great price is a very smart move and getting a high-quality Certified Used Toyota at a great price is an even smarter move.

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Service Pricing

Service Pricing

Having your vehicle serviced shouldn’t come with any surprises. That’s why with Toyota Service Guarantee you can have the certainty and peace of mind knowing what’s included in each and every service with no unexpected costs. From one full logbook service to the next, it's service you can see and trust

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Airbag safety recall

Toyota Australia has issued a series of recalls involving a number of vehicle models as part of the global Takata airbag recall campaign.

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Why buy from a Toyota Dealer?.

We put as much effort into ensuring our dealers are as reliable as our vehicles - if we didn’t we wouldn’t be Australia’s most trusted automotive brand. So you can rest easy knowing there’s no better place to buy a used Toyota than from one of our nation-wide dealerships.