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Road Sign Assist

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Ever passed a road sign and still been unsure what the speed limit is?

Road Sign Assist (RSA) is a smart new safety feature designed to identify certain Australian speed limit signs and let you know with a visual alert when the speed limit has changed[S1].

How it works



Using its front-mounted camera, your vehicle has been programmed to detect and relay certain speed limit information to you via the Multi-Information Display behind your steering wheel.



When used with Active Cruise Control (ACC)[B9], RSA lets you alter your constant speed setting with a single click immediately after a change in speed limit has been detected.


For owners

Adjustments can be made to your vehicle’s Road Sign Assist system through the metre control switches. For more information please read your Toyota owner’s manual.

Please note: This technology is a driver-assist feature only. It’s not designed to replace safe driving practices.

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Road Sign Assist

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