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Lane Departure Alert and Lane Trace Assist

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Sometimes, particularly on long drives, we can lose concentration and end up drifting out of our lane.

Lane Departure Alert (LDA) is programmed to scan the road ahead and identify lane markings, you’ll get the crucial warning you need if you start to drift[S1].

Ideal for highway driving, Lane Trace Assist (LTA) works with Active Cruise Control (ACC) to observe road markings and make adjustments to help you maintain your position, by applying extra steering support and sounding an audible alert[S1].

How it works



If you veer from your detected lane while travelling at more than 50km/h, the LDA system will sound a buzzer and display a visual warning on your Multi-Information Display.



It’s then up to you to move safely back into the centre of your lane to avoid any potential risk of collision.



If your Toyota has LDA with Steer Assist, the system may add a bit of extra steering support for a short period to help keep your vehicle in its lane.


For owners

On roads with too many markings or tram tracks you may wish to turn off Lane Departure Alert momentarily. This is easily done through a dedicated button on your Toyota’s steering wheel. For more information please read your Toyota owner’s manual.

Please note: This technology is a driver-assist feature only. It’s not designed to replace safe driving practices.

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TSS Vehicles

TSS vehicles with Lane Departure Alert and Lane Trace Assist

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