Toyota Safety Sense

Automatic High Beam

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High Beam headlights light your way, but they can be a hazardous distraction to other drivers.

We solved this age old problem with an advanced piece of technology that reduces the need to manage your headlights manually[S1].

How it works



When travelling over 50km/h at night, Automatic High Beam (AHB)[S1] uses a built-in camera to detect the headlights of oncoming traffic and the tail lamps of vehicles in front.



If the camera sensor detects a change, such as the presence of streetlights, headlights or tail lights ahead, it may shift from high to low beam to help you maintain safe and considerate driving.

For owners

The Automatic High Beams feature can be manually overridden by simply using the high beam switch. For more information please read your Toyota owner’s manual.

Please note: This technology is a driver-assist feature only. It’s not designed to replace safe driving practices.

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TSS Vehicles

TSS vehicles with
Automatic High Beam

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