Toyota Safety Sense

The road is an unpredictable place – you can never be certain of what dangers may lie ahead.
Which is why we developed Toyota Safety Sense (TSS)[S1], a multi-feature active safety
package to help keep you and your passengers out of harm’s way.

Toyota Safety Sense Features

Active Cruise Control

Keeping a constant distance between you and the vehicle ahead helps make driving safer. By using a milliwave radar to constantly monitor the gap, Active Cruise Control (ACC)[B9] can help you to maintain a set space from the vehicle in front. It will also automatically accelerate or slow down to compensate for the vehicle in front varying its speed. Select Toyota vehicles feature all speed range ACC enabling low-speed following and slowing to 0km/h, while other select Toyota vehicles feature high speed ACC, which is designed to operate at speeds over 40km/h[B9].

Automatic High Beam

Leaving your headlights on high beam can be a hazardous distraction to other drivers. By using a camera to sense either approaching headlights or the taillights ahead, Automatic High Beam (AHB)[B6]can switch between high and low beam as needed to help you maintain safe and considerate driving.

Lane Departure Alert

In the event that your car drifts from its lane, this presents a serious safety hazard. This is where Lane Departure Alert (LDA)[B12] helps. It provides a visible and audible alert should you inadvertently deviate from your lane, helping keep you, your passengers and other vehicles safe.

Pre-Collision Safety System

Using an integrated camera and laser or radar to help detect other vehicles in front of you, the Pre-Collision Safety System (PCS)[B8] can prompt you to take action using audio and visual alerts if it determines a frontal collision is likely. If you notice the potential collision and apply the brakes, PCS may apply additional force using Brake Assist (BA)[B29]. If you don’t brake in time, PCS may automatically apply the brakes for you, helping to minimise the likelihood of a frontal collision or reduce its severity.

Pre-Collision Safety System with Pedestrian Detection

Should an unexpected incident ever occur up ahead, the Pre-Collision Safety system (PCS) with Pedestrian Detection[B2] can take action. First, Forward Collision Warning (FCW) uses radar to identify the imminent threat and issue a visible and audible alert. During braking, Brake Assist (BA) applies additional force to help slow the vehicle. If the system judges a collision to be unavoidable, Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) will apply the brakes to reduce speed and help mitigate the impact for vehicles and pedestrians.

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