Instant torque

With an electric motor, putting your foot on the accelerator means maximum voltage is suddenly applied to the electric motor, so maximum torque is immediately available.

Best of both worlds

To maximise performance and efficiency as you drive, the Toyota Hybrid system senses the demand on the engine and automatically switches the car between petrol and electric power. Or combines both to power you ahead.

Full Hybrid

Every Toyota hybrid can run on pure battery power, with the petrol engine kicking in if more power is required for hard acceleration or high speeds.

Regenerative braking

With Toyota’s world-leading Hybrid technology, even braking contributes to the overall energy efficiency of the car. Each time you brake or slow down, kinetic energy is diverted back to the battery to keep the electric motor powered up.

Fill up less often

By seamlessly switching between electric and petrol power, or using a combination of both, Toyota hybrid technology offers excellent motoring sustainability through low fuel consumption and efficient energy recycling. All without compromising your driving experience.

Exceptional reliability

As with all Toyotas, our Hybrid vehicles are built to exceptional standards. Our commitment to quality, durability and reliability help ensure that servicing costs are kept to a minimum.

Zero fuel, zero emissions

Toyota’s smart hybrid technology is so clever that when you're driving in slow, stop-start traffic in 'EV' mode (Electric Vehicle) or stopped at the lights, which are both prime polluting situations for ordinary cars, our hybrids effectively use zero fuel and create zero CO2 emissions.

Sustainable motoring

For Toyota, reducing our carbon footprint and minimising the all-round environmental impact of motoring has been a top priority for many years. It’s why our engineers keep aiming for zero carbon emissions and zero car pollution, to help create a cleaner future.


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