The future is now

The future is Hybrid

Toyota continues to set the standard for Hybrid vehicles, with all our models delivering powerful performance, exceptional fuel efficiency and clever design. Discover how Hybrid is changing the game.

Toyota Hybrid
Toyota Hybrid


Toyota has been at the forefront of the Hybrid revolution since 1997, blazing a trail for others to follow.


Over 12 million people have chosen Toyota Hybrid vehicles worldwide, and that number continues to grow. With our Hybrid range expanding to eight models by 2020, there’ll soon be a Hybrid for everyone.

Toyota Hybrid


Discover the engineering behind Hybrid’s outstanding fuel efficiency and powerful performance.


Here at Toyota, we’re on a mission to create ever-better Hybrid systems that deliver more fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and help you go further than ever before. Discover the mechanics that make that happen.

Total flexibility

Total flexibility

When stationary or driving in city traffic, the vehicle can automatically switch to electric (or EV) mode using zero fuel and creating zero CO2 emissions.

Charging mode

Charging mode

During deceleration or when braking, the electric motor continues to generate power, storing it in the vehicle’s battery to keep it charged.

Petrol mode

Petrol mode

When accelerating or cruising at high speeds, the petrol engine turns on, providing extra power and responsive performance when you need it.


Working in perfect harmony, the Hybrid’s petrol engine and electric motor unite to create one powerful, fuel-efficient system.

Toyota Hybrid

Effortless acceleration

Toyota Hybrid’s electric motor provides a more controlled, efficient take-off thanks to instant torque and a faster response.

A more refined experience

Enjoy a smoother drive as state-of-the-art technology delivers controlled braking and smarter automatic gear changes.

Built for everywhere

Enhanced drive power, combined with a stronger pull at lower revs, means you can enjoy your Hybrid on any road, anywhere.


Taking ownership of a Toyota Hybrid could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Get ready for an easier, more exciting, cost-efficient drive.

Toyota Hybrid

Embrace the quiet

With its super-silent electric motor, your Toyota Hybrid has been designed for a more peaceful drive all round.

Toyota Hybrid

Enjoy the savings

Not only will you save on fuel, you’ll never have to pay more for a service than you would with a petrol model.

Toyota Hybrid

Join the movement

When you take the wheel of a Toyota Hybrid, you’ll be contributing to a cleaner, brighter future for everyone.

See what happened when put a group of Hybrid sceptics behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry.

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Our Hybrid batteries are smart, robust and backed by decades of research, expertise and high-quality Toyota engineering.

Easy recharging

There’s no need to plug your Hybrid battery in, as the vehicle’s engine will charge it for you as you drive.

Recycling at its best

When you return your old Hybrid battery and purchase a new one, Toyota will recycle it and give you a cash rebate.

Total peace of mind

Every new Hybrid battery[W1] is protected by an 8-year or 160,000km warranty, whichever comes first.

The Toyota Hybrid range

Like what you see? Take one of our class-leading Hybrid vehicles out for a spin today.


How long does a Hybrid HV battery last?

The life of a Hybrid vehicle and a Hybrid HV battery will vary depending on usage and environmental factors. All Hybrid HV batteries are covered by Toyota Australia's Hybrid HV battery warranty, 8 years or 160,000 km (whichever comes first).

What happens if my Hybrid battery runs out of charge?

The high-voltage Hybrid 'traction battery' will never run out of charge, as it charges while you drive.

Does it cost more to service a Hybrid?

During your Toyota Service Advantage period, all servicing costs are capped at the same price for both Hybrid and conventional models. However, once this period expires, you may need to factor in additional servicing requirements, which could increase the annual cost of your service.

Can a Hybrid run on electricity when it runs out of fuel?

No. A Toyota Hybrid can only operate in electric mode when petrol is in the tank.

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