Hybrid HV Battery Recycling Program

Cash rebates and discounts when you recycle

If you own a Toyota Hybrid vehicle there’s a good chance you care deeply about your environmental impact. You’ll be happy to hear that when a hybrid HV battery is properly recycled, in excess of 98 percent of the battery materials are diverted from landfill, and all toxic elements are removed.

battery recycling gradient
battery recycling gradient

Battery recycling program

Encouraging effective recycling

We offer two incentives available at all Toyota dealers around Australia. They aim to promote and reinforce effective recycling to limit our impact on global resources and landfill.

$100 cash rebate

When a recovered hybrid HV battery is returned to a Toyota Service Center.

$500 discount

Off the purchase of a replacement hybrid HV battery when you return & purchase a new hybrid HV battery.

battery recycling gradient
battery recycling gradient

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Less is more

Early adopter

Early adopters

We’ve led the world in developing hybrid vehicle technology as an important part of our global strategy for more sustainable transport.

One step ahead

One step ahead

In fact, our hybrid HV battery recycling process was in place before the launch of first-generation Prius in Australia in 2001.

Future focused

Future focused

We want to ensure that in 2021 and beyond our recycling process is as effective as possible.

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