And the winner is….

We are pleased to announce the Australian Champion of the 12th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest is Georgia Fields for “The Cultural Understanding Car.”

Georgia’s entry depicts a car that can identify and understand all cultures from around the world, raising awareness of everyone’s differences so that people can tolerate each other and live peacefully together.

8 – 11 years old

Thank you to over 4,000 Australian entrants who participated in the competition this year.

We were extremely impressed with the creativity and imagination of all entries that were received.

A huge thank you also to the parents, guardians, schools and teachers who took the time to support the 12th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.

View all of the Australian finalists’ entries below, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the next competition when it is announced later in the year. We can't wait to see your imaginations come alive again.


Australian Finalists

Be inspired by the amazing entries from the 12th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest



Find a Friend Car

The ‘Find a Friend’ car helps lonely, sad children to find a friend. The car quickly flies or drives anywhere in the world. The lonely child climbs up the ladder and goes inside. The car uses binoculars, computers and screens to scan the crowd to find a perfect match. Then the lonely child slides down the slide to meet their new friend. The ‘Find a Friend’ car makes people happy again and there will be no sad kids on the planet.


Puppy Perfect

This car is self-driving. This car is like a flying hotel for dogs. It demonstrates that every dog should have fun. The car has a spa, a theatre, disco, swimming pool, art studio and more.


Sushi Car

Sushi is a Japanese food. Sushi car will bring you very healthy fresh sushi to eat.

8-11 YEARS


The Car of Life

The Car of Life gets rid of darkness, death and sickness and it brings it to life, light and happiness.

G. FIELDS | WA – Australian Champion

The Cultural Understanding Car

Imagine a car that could identify and understand all cultures of the world, giving the driver a better understanding of each human being. This car can focus on a person or group and tell the driver information about their country, heritage, lifestyle, beliefs and religion. By doing this, the car raises people awareness of one another's differences, therefore increasing the chances of people tolerating and understanding one another to live peacefully together.


The Marble

My dream car is called “The Marble”. It represents the symbol of power, freedom and transcendence. I would like my car to be much the same. The marble will have a turbo engine that moves quickly and swiftly like the speeding marble which can dive at 160 km per hour. That is even faster than driving on the freeway! Marble cars are unique as they do not mix with other cars, because it flies so much higher in the sky. I also want my car to be special by being able to fly above the clouds, going above and beyond the realm of possibilities. Flying vehicles can also help reduce pollution if they are powered by electricity. There will also be less cars on the road, reducing traffic jams.

12-15 YEARS


The Flying Stork

The Flying Stork solves the problem of finding car parking spaces in metropolitan cities, by sustainably taking parking to the skies.


Rescue & Refresh

My car is meant to put out fires and water crops with the watering head underneath the car and fly using propellers.


Four Seasons Multi-tasking Car

This car can perform multiple tasks. It saves energy and protects animals, some including rescuing animals in danger, recycling rain water, saves energy into a motor using solar panels and sweeps leaves and picks off fruits.

We appreciate the support of every person who was involved in the 12th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest and hope that you all consider entering again. Thank you!

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