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Connect your vehicle to Toyota Link[TL1] via Bluetooth®[B5] using your smarthphone and access a world of information. The Toyota Link applications can tell you the weather, guide you to your destination and much more.

Toyota Link[TL1] is your essential driving companion. Using the app you can create destination favourites, multi-stop trips and send Trips to your in-vehicle navigation[TL1]. Toyota Link will find fuel, parking, Toyota dealerships and more. You can even set parking reminders and find your parked location.

Connect Toyota Link mobile app to your Toyota Link equipped vehicle

Trips App

Trips App

Trips[TL4] synchronises the favourites and multi-stop trips planned in your Toyota Link mobile app with the Trips app on your in-vehicle navigation system[TL2], allowing you to plan ahead and saving you time.

Calendar App

Calendar App

Calendar[TL1] seamlessly displays your mobile’s calendar on your in-vehicle touchscreen display[TL2] helping you to keep on top of your plans for the day.

Weather App

Weather App

Weather[TL1] lets you view the weather around your current location. You can also search for and display weather information at other locations in Australia, so you’ll always know what driving conditions to expect on your journey.

Places App

Places App

Places[TL1] lets you search for any location, business or address in Australia. Search results are kept up to date using our online database, so you’ll always be able to find what you are looking for.

Parking App

Parking App

Parking[TL1] lets you search for parking. No surprises there! Now you’ll save more time finding a place to park when you reach your destination. On street parking only available in Melbourne CBD and Canberra.


Toyota Link[TL1] is available on selected Toyota vehicles and is compatible with a large range of iPhone®[C3] and Android™️[C3] smartphones[TL2][B5].

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Safety and Security

Safety and security

Drive with the confidence that comes from knowing we’re looking out for you. In an emergency our team can locate your vehicle and communicate with you[CS1].

Driving Insights

Driving insights

View your driving data and vehicle information, to drive safer, drive economically and keep track of where you last parked[CS5].



Whether it’s the best route through traffic, your best road trip playlist or your best friend on speed dial, your Toyota has everything you need at your fingertips.

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