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What Toyota Connected Services are available for my HiAce?


Safety and security

With a HiAce you can be confident in your safety. There’s an additional level of peace of mind knowing that you can easily contact our emergency team[CS1].

  • SOS Emergency Call (SOS)

    SOS Emergency Call provides the driver or vehicle occupant a connection to a trained agent that can direct emergency service providers to the vehicle’s location if required. This is done by a push of the SOS button located at the overhead console.
  • Automatic Collision Notification (ACN)

    Automatic Collision Notification notifies the Emergency Call Centre automatically in the event that the vehicle detects a collision even if the driver is unable to place the call. The vehicle’s built-in sensors trigger this notification.
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT)

    Stolen Vehicle Tracking makes it possible to aid in locating the vehicle when stolen. In coordination with the Emergency Call Centre and the police, the vehicle can potentially be recovered.

Explore safety and security

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