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Toyota vehicle with Kayak Roof Rack
Toyota vehicle with Kayak Roof Rack

2023 Fortuner model shown above[M7].

We met with renowned adventurer Glen Gall from the Gall Boys to talk about making the most of summer.

Adventure season has arrived

Your step by step guide to getting river ready

As the days grow longer and the sun grows warmer, the call for outdoor adventures grows stronger. For enthusiasts seeking the thrill of cruising along the water on a kayak, Toyota Genuine Accessories[P4] can help get you there. Designed and tested to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, your Toyota Genuine[P4] Roof Rack will offer a brilliant foundation for securing your precious outdoor gear for a seamless and secure journey.

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A person kayaking in a lake
A person kayaking in a lake

“Kayaks open up spaces to explore in an environmentally friendly way, so you can leave them as you found them.”

Kayak Roof Rack Accessories
Kayak Roof Rack Accessories

How to tie a kayak to a roof rack

Whether you're an existing Toyota owner or new to the family, we advise having your Toyota Genuine [P4] Roof Racks and our specialised kayak carrier installed by a professional in accordance with the detailed fitting instructions specific to your vehicle.

This three step guide will then help ensure safe and simple transportation for your kayak.

1. Placement of Kayak on Roof Rack with Rubber Support

As an essential accessory, the four rubber supports play a crucial role in providing stability and cushioning for your kayak. Carefully position the kayak on the roof rack, aligning it with the rubber supports to prevent any potential scratches or damage.

2. Securing the Kayak with Tie-Down Ropes

Loop tie-down ropes around the kayak and the roof rack's cross bars, ensuring a snug fit. Tighten the ropes to secure the kayak in place. Check for stability and adjust as needed.

3. Safety Check

Before hitting the road, give your setup a final check. Ensure the kayak is centred, secure, and properly aligned. Test the stability of the kayak by gently rocking it side to side. If it remains stable, you're all set for your adventure.

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HiLux with Kayak Roof Rack
HiLux with Kayak Roof Rack

2019 HiLux SR5 model shown above[M7].

“There are different techniques for loading different styles and weights of kayaks, so always listen for advice from your Dealer.”

Why use Toyota Genuine Accessories[P4]?

Choosing Toyota genuine accessory[P4] isn't just a matter of preference. It’s a matter of safety too, because everything in the Toyota Genuine Accessories[P4] range is designed and manufactured to comply with Toyota's reassuringly stringent engineering and testing standards.

Safety first

Every Toyota genuine accessory[P4] is designed, engineered and tested for compatibility. Every Toyota roof rack is made to withstand the challenges of your outdoor pursuits, ensuring your gear stays secure and protected.

Built to last

Many of these accessories are manufactured in Australia, using world class processes. They’re all backed by Toyota’s comprehensive warranty[T2][T7] which supports lasting utility and overall ownership experience.

Complete integration

Toyota genuine accessory[P4] are tailor-made to seamlessly integrate with your Toyota vehicle's design and functionality, helping turn your vehicle into the ultimate outdoors machine.

Intelligent design

Toyota genuine accessory[P4] are designed within our own systems to ensure your vehicle performs as an intelligent unit without third party liabilities.

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“Genuine Accessories are the best way to go. You want to have the utmost confidence with safety and integration with the vehicle.”

Meet Glen Gall
Meet Glen Gall

Meet Glen Gall

Early memories are of Mum and Dad hitching a caravan to the Cruiser to take all five boys for trips across Australia. Either the Gunbarrel Highway, up to Cape York or through the Kimberley. Over the decades, a third generation joined in to enjoy the adventures too. We started the family business in 1962 and have enjoyed sharing our travels with Toyota all the way through.

With roof racks and other Toyota genuine accessories [P4], I’ve seen first hand how much testing goes into building them. Like with the amount of sensors used for data collection during vibration testing for bull bars. All for the highest standard of quality and integration with the vehicles. And in the real world we’ve put them through some of the most extreme conditions Australia has to offer, which is why we’ve the utmost confidence in their safety, longevity and ease of use.

We’ve put the racks through the blazing heat of the Canning Stock Route, freezing nights in the highlands, and rugged inclines and declines of the Old Telegraph Track, all while being close to the maximum weight limit. They’ve never let us down, and we’ve travelled with the utmost peace of mind knowing support is available from so many Toyota dealerships around the country.

In recent years I have seen a huge growth in the popularity of kayaking, which is great, especially on the environmental side of things. Kayaks open up areas where powered boats can’t go, and we’ve been fortunate to experience this from paddling the coves of Noosa’s National Park, up to the Everglades, and more remote country rivers and creeks. There’s nothing like immersing yourself into these beautiful areas and enjoying everything your own adventure may lead to.

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