Toyota vehicle with caravan accessories
Toyota vehicle with caravan accessories

The caravan opens up endless opportunities to explore the land beneath our wheels.

The call of the open road

For some, it's about the destination. For others, getting there is just as exciting.

There’s a growing number of Australians driven to explore our stunning landscapes. But caravanning demands more than enthusiasm, it demands expertise in towing too.

For newcomers, there are plenty of challenges to watch out for, like ensuring the caravan isn’t overloaded, and being careful not to underestimate the driving dynamics with an unbalanced load.

If you’ve got an adventurous spirit, hook it up to the reputation for safety and reliability we’ve earned throughout the generations and explore Australia with confidence.

Toyota with Caravan during sunset
Toyota with Caravan during sunset

LC200 Sahara 2009 model shown above. Fitted with optional Toyota Genuine Accessories.

Before your journey begins

If there’s one thing better than equipping yourself with Toyota Genuine Accessories[P4], it’s equipping yourself with knowledge, so we spoke with seasoned adventurer Glen Gall to explore his insights on all things caravanning.

“We’ve been caravanning since before I was born. We go on annual holidays to Noosa, we visit the Kimberleys and we discover gems as we go, with a few favourite spots around Hopevale. Often, it’s the places that take a bit of effort to get to that offer the biggest reward. But sometimes, it’s flexibility that makes the adventure so memorable, as you can meet people, get recommendations, and let the trip unfold as you go.”

Destination first. Vehicle second. Caravan third.

“There are so many different activities that lead people to different areas, down bitumen roads and dirt roads in national parks too. So when you’re choosing your vehicle and caravan, it’s important to look at your style of travel first. Are you bringing a tinnie or kayak and paddling out? There’s sightseeing, bird watching, fishing, mud crabbing, bushwalking and fossicking. I’d think about your intended style of travel and then look at what style of vehicle and caravan are going to suit that best. Your Toyota Dealer can help you with this. They’ll also talk about towing capacity[G6] and which Toyota Genuine Accessories[P4] will benefit you the best.”

Know the roads

Towing[G6] demands a new set of skills behind the wheel, and conditions may change along your trip. Considering so much of Australia is only accessible by off-road vehicles, it’s likely your journeys may deviate from familiar highways. Knowing the weather forecast is important too, as storms and wind can drastically change the conditions on the road.

“Because you're towing[G6] something that large behind your vehicle you’ve got to drive with a new level of awareness. From the start you’ll be taking your corners wider and there’s no sudden turns. Keep a generous gap between you and the car in front too as you’ll need to allow for a longer stopping distance. It’s important to remember we’re all sharing the roads together. Communication is absolutely paramount these days and for longer trips especially, it’s nearly standard practice to have a UHF (Ultra High Frequency) radio fitted to the vehicle for communications on the road when travelling. We wouldn't do a trip without it.”

“It’s a good idea to get used to the vehicle on shorter trips, towing[G6] with the van and doing some kind of towing[G6] course before heading straight off into the great distance. Your Toyota Dealer can steer you in the right direction, so can your state’s motoring associations like RACQ and the NRMA. They’re a brilliant source of info.”

Toyota vehicle with kayak and caravan accessories
Toyota vehicle with kayak and caravan accessories

LC200 Sahara 2009 model shown above. Fitted with optional Toyota Genuine Accessories.

Know what you can tow

Before you set off, familiarise yourself with essential terms such as Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) which is the mass of the vehicle, Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) which is the total mass of the trailer, and finally, Gross Combination Mass (GCM) which a combination of your GVM and ATM. These will all differ depending on your vehicle and caravan, and include the additional weight of things like passengers, weight on your towbar and food and water supplies for your journey. A simple search will help you find your closest weighbridge.


While regulations on brakes can change from state to state, every trailer, boat or caravan in Australia over 750kg, will need to be equipped with its own braking system. Your Toyota Dealer will help you understand the differences in braking systems and work with you to determine a system optimised for safety.


Check to ensure your tyres have a speed and load rating suitable for towing[G6]. The right pressure is important too, as low pressure can lead to tyre blowouts, and high pressure can cause vibration. Speak with your Toyota Dealer about adjusting your pressure to suit your load and check your vehicle to learn the optimal pressure for economy, safety, and performance along your journey. Keep an eye on your tyres too, as they’ll wear down over time and can pick up foreign objects that compromise safety.


Investing in comprehensive insurance for your caravan is recommended as it helps ensure peace of mind along the journey. While most policies can be surprisingly affordable, they can be forfeited if your towing[G6] setup doesn’t comply with regulations. You can speak with your Dealer about Toyota Insurance before your adventure.

“Insurance is another given before heading off because you can’t predict the unpredictable, especially when you're getting out to remote areas with a bit more isolation. It could be anything from a breakdown to something more unfortunate like an animal strike. You can be as cautious as possible, but the unexpected can still pop up and with insurance it could mean your journey can continue.”

Towing kit accessories
Towing kit accessories

Toyota Genuine Accessories[P4]

When you’re on the road, safety is everything. That’s why Toyota Genuine Accessories[P4] are the best choice as they’re engineered to perform in Australia’s harshest conditions. They give you an advantage on the road as they’re designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle. With extensive testing and guaranteed quality, they’re the best choice for your next adventure.

Confidence comes standard using the Tow Bar, Tow Ball, and Trailer Wiring Harness from the Toyota Genuine Accessories[P4] range. Sturdy fabricated steel construction provides an impressive towing[G6] capacity with a design made for seamless integration with your Toyota vehicle.

“For the load and stress, the genuine[P4] tow bar just gives us the utmost confidence as it’s been developed and tested for Toyota vehicles. The wiring harness has the click when it goes in, and waterproofing for the wiring system.”

The Toyota Load Distribution Hitch delivers on vehicle control and stability when towing[G6] by reducing sway and by distributing the load back over the front axle. The Load Distribution Hitch has been designed and tested with the Toyota Genuine[P4] Tow Bar Kit to achieve an overall safer towing[G6] experience.

Towing kit accessories
Towing kit accessories

The Toyota Genuine[P4] Bull Bar provides protection and houses the 9000lb Warn Winch[J2]. Not only does this help with an easy recovery, it helps clear trees that may have fallen across the track.

“Some look at a bull bar and think, ‘Do I need one? I'm not going to be pushing into fixed scrubland or travelling in the late afternoon with the possibility of an animal strike.’ But a bull bar works as a mount for the UHF aerial, or driving lights that increase your visibility and safety at night. It’s the utmost protection in the front of your vehicle to protect the cooling system of your motor, which in turn could be the difference between being stuck somewhere remote or being able to get back out to civilisation.”

If you’re taking your caravan adventure to the next level in a LandCruiser 300, the Toyota Genuine[P4] Bash Plate is rigorously tested and designed to help keep you and your vehicle safe during off-roading adventures.

Made from impact-resistant acrylic that is resistant to cracking and UV discolouration, the Toyota Genuine[P4] Bonnet Protector offers added protection to the vehicle from light damage from road debris.

“Bonnet protectors definitely protect the paint work on the front of your vehicle. We always put weathershields on the windows too because we love a bit of fresh air coming in.”

Weathershields help you enjoy the fresh air without letting the rain and wind in when driving with the windows slightly open. Air flows through the cabin without exposing you and the interior to bad weather.

Explore Genuine Accessories[P4]

Toyota vehicle with caravan and two people with bonfire
Toyota vehicle with caravan and two people with bonfire

Featured accessories

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