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We’re all playing for Australia and local clubs everywhere

Toyota supports Aussie cricket at every level, from the First XI wearing the Baggy Green to the Under 11s at your local park. And right now, local clubs need help more than ever.

This summer, as part of the Toyota Good for Cricket program, elite Aussie cricketers are joining Toyota and pledging their allegiance to grassroots clubs around the nation, pulling on local club colours as a show of solidarity. Check out the video below and find out how you can get involved with Toyota Good for Cricket.

The Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle is back, bigger and better than ever.

The Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle is back for another huge season and we want you to be a part of it. It’s one of the biggest grassroots fundraising initiatives in Australian sport, generating millions of dollars for thousands of clubs, so jump on in!

Last year, we raised over $828,000 for 762 clubs, with many earning more than $10,000 each. This year, we want to help even more clubs smash their fundraising targets.

If your club wants to get involved, or you just want to buy a ticket and support your community, head to the Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle page to find out more.

Hybrid Toyota Cricket Image
Hybrid Toyota Cricket Image

Toyota Good for Cricket Kits

At Toyota, we’re passionate about helping the thousands of women and girls who love to play cricket. In season 2019/20, we supported 100 women’s cricket teams across the country by giving them a Toyota Good for Cricket Women’s Kit, filled with everything they need to play with confidence... bats and balls, stumps and all. Now that’s Good for Cricket.

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Hybrid Toyota Cricket Image
Hybrid Toyota Cricket Image