Steering wheel mounted controls Steering wheel mounted controls

For a small car, Prius c is big on fun and style. The audio system is packed with sophisticated features.

Both models have a 6.1 inch touch screen audio which delivers exceptionally clear sound through a powerful wrap around speaker system. Your ears will love the experience.

The audio system displays artist and track details when you play music from FM stations[B3] , and with 'split-screen' functionality, you can control more than one thing at a time.

There are also audio controls mounted on the steering wheel and in addition, both Prius c models have Voice Control Technology . So when you want to change tracks or make a hands-free call, the car will respond to a range of vocal commands. Simply press the voice control button and Prius c will do what you tell it to.

Connect with Bluetooth® [B5]

Both Prius c models have Bluetooth® [B5] connectivity for audio streaming and hands-free mobile calls.

It's easy to register a compatible mobile phone with the audio system in Prius c) and the T.E.C.H.™ hub in Prius c i-Tech®. Once you are connected a whole range of Bluetooth® [B5] enabled features become available. Depending on your phone, these include phonebook access and message access. You can even stream your music via Bluetooth® [B5] from your compatible phone to the touch screen unit.

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USB Connectivity [G5]

Both Prius c grades have USB connectivity [G5] so you can play music stored on selected iPods® [G8] and USB memory sticks [G5] . The Prius i-Tech® grade also supports DivX® [B1] video input from USB [G5] memory sticks.

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Find your way with Satellite Navigation [N1] in 3D and avoid the traffic.

Prius c i-Tech® is fitted with a T.E.C.H.™ audio and navigation unit. This is far more than just an audio system. T.E.C.H.™ stands for 'Toyota Entertainment and Communications Hub' and along with everything in Prius c audio, it also offers Satellite Navigation [N1] and DivX™ [B1] compatibility, so you can even play video files via USB memory sticks [G5] (provided you’re parked with the brake on, of course).

The 6.1 inch touch screen displays 3D graphics, which clearly identify buildings and landmarks helping you avoid disorientation when driving through unfamiliar towns and cities. There's also a traffic avoidance system (SUNA™ Traffic Channel [G7]) , which provides up-to-the-minute traffic information and helps Satellite Navigation [N1] work out the best route to avoid congestion. So finding your way around and avoiding hold ups is easier than ever.

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SD Card Slot

Both Prius c and Prius c i-Tech® feature an SD Card slot, which you can use to view digital images and to personalise the touch screen with your own photographs.

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