HiLux Tonka Hits the Road

Get ready to experience the excitement of this stunning concept car for yourself.
HiLux Tonka is touring the country, and coming to an event near you.

Date: 31 December 2017
Event: Wagga SKYWORKS
Location: Lake Albert, NSW

Date: 19-28 January 2018
Event: Toyota Country Music Festival
Location: Kable Ave & Fitzroy St, Tamworth, NSW

Last updated on 14th December 2017


The Making of the Hilux Tonka Concept

Come into the workshop with the Toyota Australia Product Design Team, and see what went into the making of the eye-popping HiLux Tonka concept. From the very first sketch, to a fully driveable vehicle that’s a mix of rock crawler and desert racer – perfect for extreme Australian off-roading.

Go Behind the Scenes

Take a peek behind the scenes of the HiLux Tonka concept shoot and see the crew in action.

Tonka © 2017 Hasbro. Used with permission.