Every Prius is packed with the latest intelligent technology. Each innovation has been developed to make driving easier, smoother and more intuitive. All are a result of clever thinking that strives to deliver an enhanced driving experience, in all driving conditions.

Blind Spot Monitor[B4]

When driving on a multi-lane road in Prius i-Tech®, the Blind Spot Monitor[B4] can identify any vehicle travelling close by and in your blind spot, and will then provide a visual warning that's displayed in your side mirror.

Automatic High Beam[G3]

When driving at night on dark roads, the Automatic High Beam[G3] can help avoid blinding the drivers of oncoming cars by detecting the vehicle approaching, then automatically switching the headlamps from high to low beam.

Head Up Display (HUD)

Once only used in jet fighters, Head-up Display (HUD) is standard in Prius. Your speed, the hybrid system indicator, Active Cruise Control (ACC)[N16] proximity warning, and Lane Departure Alert (LDA)[B4] can be projected on the windscreen just below your line of sight, keeping you informed of essential driving data without your eyes ever having to leave the road. It also allows you to adjust the brightness and position of the projected HUD image.

Multi Information Display

The Prius center metre delivers real time vehicle and trip data via colour TFT displays, including the Multi Information Display (MID). Together they deliver information about speed, fuel efficiency, driving mode, trip details plus climate and audio settings. As well as navigational directions on Prius i-Tech®.

Advanced Climate Control Air Conditioning

The advanced climate control system in Prius features a pollen eliminating filter and uses S-Flow Mode to focus the airflow toward the passengers. It also uses Eco-Score to evaluate how environmentally friendly your climate control settings are, then displays the rating on the Multi Information Display (MID).