Toyota Operations Exports


Toyota Corporate Exports

Almost two thirds of the vehicles that roll off the production line at our Altona plant are destined for overseas customers. With 59,949 Toyota cars leaving our shores bound for foreign soil in 2011, we are very proud to be Australia's biggest automotive vehicle exporter. We have established ourselves as a truly global company and are now tackling the challenge of increasing our export figures to even greater and unprecedented heights.

Toyota Australia has combined its domestic marketing experience with its extensive knowledge of the Middle East markets to enhance the standing of the export Camry. This has evolved to a point where our Camry is now the number one selling passenger vehicle in the Middle East. Australian Camry competes in the Middle East with vehicles from almost every world manufacturer.

The 2011 export figure of 59,949 units worth $1.004 billion (including parts and accessories) is evidence that we have come a long way since our first exports in 1986. In that year we exported a small shipment of Coronas to New Zealand.

Toyota Australia has been able to consistently surpass the exporting efforts of all other Australian vehicle manufacturers. The recipe for our sustainable export success is our ability to understand, meet and exceed the varied expectations of our overseas customers.

We export to 13 export destinations worldwide.