No matter what your level of experience with off-road driving, road terrain still offers surprises now and then. For all the bumps in the road, the FJ Cruiser comes complete with a front seatback assist grip - which your passengers can use to steady themselves in off-road-driving situations that push the limits.

These grips are also convenient for passengers to quickly get in and out of the rear of the car in one motion.

Flexible Seating Configuration

In fact, when it comes to the rear of your FJ Cruiser, everything has been designed for absolute comfort, and absolute flexibility.

For a start, you have two rear access doors - which make it easy for rear seat passengers to get in and out. When the front doors of the FJ Cruiser are opened, the rear access doors swing out - so passengers can easily climb up and in.

Flexible rear seat configuration means you can also carry extra passengers - or equipment - depending on where you're going and how many people you need to take with you.

There's a double fold mechanism and removable seat cushions on the rear seats - so they can be easily and quickly inserted if you want to carry up to five passengers in comfort. Or, if there will be just two of you on a journey, you can remove them and use the extra room to store your supplies/equipment.