Built for rigour and shaped by history, the Toyota FJ Cruiser has come a long way in its development. It's unique design and dimensions, help to give it its strong abilities off road.

A Rugged, Athletic Stance

On the outside, there's also no mistaking the FJ Cruiser - the shape and style pay homage to the original Toyota FJ40.

While it is shorter in length than the Toyota Prado five door model, it is wider and only marginally smaller in terms of height.

In terms of specific dimensions, it has an overall length of 4,670mm, a width of 1,905mm, and a height of 1,830mm. It also has a ground clearance of 224mm[N6].

Thanks to the impressive ground clearance and combined approach, departure and break over angles, the FJ Cruiser is a machine that's made to tackle extreme conditions.

Room for all your favourite equipment - and people

FJ Cruiser comfortably seats up to five passengers - as well as an abundance of luggage and equipment.

If you're travelling with just one other, you also have the option of either folding down or even removing the rear seat cushions. Removing these will increase the interior volume, creating even greater space to easily transport camping equipment, sporting goods, or extra luggage.

The FJ Cruiser's vast interior dimensions are also highlighted by its solid, cubic shape - a further tribute to its predecessor.