FJ Cruiser features 5-speed CRAWL Control[B10], which helps keep you at a steady, low speed on challenging terrain, when you need to concentrate on steering.

Automatic Control of Throttle and Braking

The system works by automatically adjusting throttle and braking to each wheel, to maintain the speed you set, and helps to reduce wheel-spin and lock-ups.

The Most Challenging Off-road Terrain

CRAWL Control[B10] offers an outstanding contribution to the vehicle's off-road capabilities helping you to manoeuvre more safely and effectively over the most challenging off-road situations such as slippery, uneven surfaces on steep hills, jagged rock-strewn trails and driving through water. It can also help out in the wet, when there's a chance of getting stuck in deep mud.

Lowers Wear and Tear

The smooth application of power and the steady low speed help reduce the potential for damage to FJ Cruiser's under-body on uneven terrain and reduces load on the drive-train.