FJ Cruisers generous approach and departure angles[N6] mean that either end of the FJ is less likely to strike the ground when climbing and descending slopes.

The approach angle of the FJ Cruiser is 36.0 degrees[N6], and the departure angle is 31.0 degrees[N6]. The brake over angle is 29.0 degrees. These generous angles make it possible for you to head in or out of terrain which you otherwise may not be able to navigate, without worrying about damaging or hitting the underside of your vehicle.

FJ Cruiser is also fitted with an inclinometer on its Multi Information Display. Located above the dashboard, and with a distinctive design, this meter indicates the degree of inclination at any given time, allowing you to easily assess the severity of the obstacle you're navigating.

Large Wheel Articulation

Aiding your ability to traverse steep slopes, is the FJ Cruiser's large wheel articulation, this allows the wheel to stay in contact with the ground when the surface is severely uneven.