While the FJ Cruiser is comfortable on the city streets, it truly comes into its own when it gets off the beaten track - with 4WD technology that assists FJ's natural ability to help you maintain control and ensure excellent handling in some of the toughest of environments.

Stay Steady With A-TRC

On slopes or embankments where you might experience slippage, applying Traction Control (TRC) will help you maintain control. The Active Traction Control (A-TRC) system assists with Limited Slip Differential functionality by controlling brake pressure to slipping wheels when you're driving off-road in low range 4WD mode.

By using A-TRC, the drive force that would have been lost due to acceleration slip, is instead distributed among the vehicle's four wheels.

The Limited Slip Differential function allows for off-road traction performance, enhanced performance in mud, and acceleration on split road surfaces.

How A-TRC Works

Ordinarily, Traction Control (TRC) regulates the distribution of torque to each wheel. This prevents tyres from idle spinning and ensures that the vehicle continues to move forward. It also means that brake pressure is electronically controlled at each wheel to stop wheels from spinning unnecessarily - and ensure optimum traction with the road.