Cricket. Oh what a feeling!

What is it that makes Aussies love cricket? Is it the simple battle between bowler and batsman, leather and willow? The skill and courage of the players, carrying our nation’s hopes on their shoulders? Or is it the way it unites us... Whether it’s at the beach, our local club, or in stadiums around the country?

As proud partner of Cricket Australia, Toyota loves the game as much as you do and we want to celebrate it at every level... In fact we even celebrate the celebrations! For the last three seasons our resident coaches Steve and Dave have shown Australia’s best how to seize the moment and celebrate in style - from Brett Lee’s ‘Chainsaw’ to the classic ‘Fist Pump’ and ‘Oh what a feeling jump’. This season they’ve got big plans to get the whole nation sharing their celebrations. Stay tuned.

We’re playing our part for local cricket too. The Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle is one of Australia’s biggest grassroots fundraising initiatives and has helped raise over $1.1 million to support the future of the game. Meanwhile our Good for Cricket Community stories are shining a spotlight on how the raffle is making a real difference to grassroots clubs great and small right around the country. Now that’s Good for Cricket!