Horizontally-Opposed D-4S Engine

The 86 is powered by a unique combination of advanced technologies. A specially developed FA20 engine which combines horizontally-opposed Boxer technology with Toyota's next-generation D-4S Direct Injection system.

Boxer Engine Technology

The 2.0L petrol engine is a naturally aspirated, 4-cylinder unit with a compression ratio of 12.5:1, which delivers high power output and torque at all engine speeds.

An 86mm bore and stroke contributes to the high output and enables the engine to run efficiently at speeds up to 7450 rpm.

Toyota's Next-Generation D-4S Direct Injection

In a world first, Toyota's D-4S system has been applied to the horizontally-opposed Boxer engine, making the 86 incredibly responsive, helping to Improve power output and making each drop of fuel work even harder.

The D-4S system combines injectors that inject fuel at high pressure directly into the cylinders, together with conventional injectors, injecting fuel into the intake ports.

The system adjusts itself accordingly switching direct cylinder injection off and on depending on the engine speed.

As a result of this unique combination of the D-4S system and Boxer engine technology the 86's FA20 engine produces 147kW of power and 205Nm of torque.