Sports Seats

The seats in the 86 have been positioned low and close to the ground, with a hip point just 400mm above the road surface for the front seats, enabling a driving position that makes you feel at one with the machine.

Lateral G-force Support

The lightweight seats are padded and shaped to hold you comfortably in position while supporting you against lateral G forces. Even the seat fabric is designed to prevent you from slipping and help hold you in place. Contact between the seat surface and your body allows you to feel how the car is behaving through your lower torso.

Freedom of Movement

Around the elbow region, the seat is shaped to allow you full freedom of movement while shifting gears. The cushioning under the thighs is rounded to so as not to restrict leg movement and get in the way of pedal operations.

Knee and Shoulder Pads

In the GTS grade, the front seat fabric is embossed with the Toyota signature T-mesh symbol and removable shoulder and knee pads are fitted on the door to help you stay in control and maintain contact with the foot pedals. The pads should only be removed if a roll cage is being fitted to the car.

Rear Seats

There is also enough room for the important things, fold the single-piece seat in the rear flat and you create enough room to fit four race tyres, a helmet, racing overalls and a toolbox for track days. Return it to the upright position and you have room for two.