Cockpit Interior

Everything about the cockpit layout and design - from the seats, small diameter steering wheel, and the simple, clear instrument cluster, to the gear lever and the pedals - is focused on enhancing the driver experience.

Driver Focused Cockpit

The 86's clutter-free cockpit is designed to make you feel at one with the car and laid out so nothing gets in the way of driving. The cockpit is functional, practical and stylish. The steering wheel and gearshift lever are designed to suit the driver.

Sports Seats and Driver Support

The 86 is designed to offer support and comfort - the GTS model doors are fitted with knee pads and shoulder pads to provide additional support through the corners.

Steering Wheel

At 362mm, the 86 features the smallest diameter steering wheel in the Toyota range. The 86 sports steering wheel was developed with the help of professional drivers to give the best grip possible. Its design is focused completely on driving with no clutter from steering wheel mounted controls at all. The steering rack ratio at 13:1 is similar to racing cars and ensures that steering is highly responsive.

Audio System

86 comes equipped with a 6.1" touchscreen, Voice Recognition (Audio/Phone)[G5], Bluetooth®[B5] compatibility and Satellite Navigation[N1] with SUNATM Traffic Updates[G7].