Buyer Tips

Check the car’s service history
  • Before paying for the car in full to ensure the car is free of encumbrance (money still owing) repairable write off, flood damaged etc. Check the vehicle for financial interests, statutory write off records and stolen vehicles. This can be done through a CarHistory report with a PPSR (Personal Property Security Register) certificate.
  • Make sure you and the seller have signed all the appropriate paperwork correctly and you receive a receipt for all money paid.
  • Manufacturers like Toyota have certified preowned car programs, such as the Toyota Certified Preowned Vehicle program where vehicles are checked thoroughly according to the particular manufacturer's standards.
Check all paperwork is in order

Remember, after you’ve paid for the car in full make sure you collect:

  • All the vehicle related material and understand all vehicle instructions.
  • Relevant keys, i.e. ignition, glove box, boot, alarm etc.
  • Instructions for alarming and de-activating alarm system
  • The service books, owner’s manual and log book
  • Location of the hidden ignition switch (if applicable)
  • Radio security number
  • Registration papers and CTP

Test Drive And Inspect