Buyer Tips

Research vehicle options

A good start when searching for potential cars is to narrow down your choices to the type of vehicle that's best for your situation and budget.

  • It pays to go online and find reviews that compare the type of cars you're interested in, to see how other people rate them on key issues such as quality, durability, reliability, safety, comfort, economy and drivability.
  • It is imperative you do your research and feel confident in your purchase, especially if you are buying from a private seller, as the risks are far greater than from a reputable Toyota dealer.

Your local Toyota dealer will have all the answers to any questions you have at this stage.

Determine your budget and finances.

Before you start looking for a car:

  • Determine your budget and remember in the long term you will need to allow for fuel and running costs such as insurance, parts and servicing.
  • Servicing costs can also add up, so it's worth checking whether affordable capped price servicing is available such as Toyota Service Advantage.

Prepare Seller Questions

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