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Destination Download

Now you can download and send details and directions to a chosen destination (or destinations), to the Toyota Link[TL1]  in your vehicle, straight from your smartphone or personal computer.

1. Login to the 'Toyota Link' App on your PC or smartphone

  • It will default to the 'Destination Download'[C5] screen, make sure the GPS is activated on your handset
  • Enter your desired destination or company name, then select from the onscreen icons
  • The company name, address and (available) phone number will be displayed
  • You can repeat the search then create a list using the 'List View' button on the screen
  • Select the destinations you want, then press 'Send to Car'
  • You'll receive a confirmation when they have been sent to your car

2. In your car, press 'Destination Download'[C5] on your Toyota Link screen

  • You will receive a notice that a new destination has loaded, this may take up to 20 seconds
  • Your 'Saved' destinations will also be displayed

3. Select the destination you are searching for and it will be displayed on a map

  • You will then have the option to select 'Navigate*', 'Call' or 'Save to Favourites'

4. Press 'Favourites' to search your saved destinations and use 'Edit' to delete any destinations

  • Your 'Favourites' will also be displayed on a map with the option to 'Navigate*' or 'Call'

Local Search

Toyota Link[TL1] makes it easy for you to search for specific business listings and their contact details in your immediate location - for example "Restaurants."

1. Press 'Local Search'[C5] on your Toyota Link screen

  • Press 'New Search' (the application can also save up to 12 recent searches)

2. The keyboard will be displayed on screen, type in your search details (name, description etc) and press 'Ok'

  • Your 'Search Results' will be displayed, based on the distance from your location
  • Select your required 'Search Result'

3. Your chosen destination will then be displayed on a map

  • You will then have the option to select 'Navigate*', 'Call' or 'Save to Favourites'

4. Press 'Save to Favourites' to add the search result to your 'Favourites' in 'Destination Download'

Fuel Finder

Now Toyota Link[TL1] makes it's quick and easy to search and compare the latest fuel prices in your immediate area or a selected location.

1. Press 'Fuel Finder'[C6] on your Toyota Link screen

  • The screen will then display the brand, distance and the unleaded fuel price at the nine closest fuel stations
  • It will also display maximum, minimum and average fuel price for the area

2. Press 'Set Up' to customise your search details

  • Pick your preferred fuel - diesel, premium, unleaded etc, then press the 'Back' button
  • Pick your preferred fuel supplier(s), then press the 'Back' button
  • Your preferred fuel and supplier(s) will now be displayed in any new search

3. Press 'Navigate*' to be guided to your fuel station

  • The 'Available Fuel' tab will show you the type and price of fuel at your selected fuel station
  • The date and time of the last update on the fuel information will also be displayed


Use Toyota Link[TL1] to receive the latest weather conditions from the Bureau of Meteorology for your current location and up to four other locations of your choice.

1. Press 'Weather' on your Toyota Link screen

  • The weather in your current location will be displayed
  • This will automatically update every five minutes or you can press 'Refresh' to update immediately

2. Press 'Change Location' for the weather in other locations

  • You will receive a list of popular locations, press on the name to see the weather
  • Press 'Add/Edit' to find other locations. The closest two capital cities will be displayed by default
  • Press 'Add/Edit' again and a keyboard will be displayed
  • Type in the name of your required location(s) - you can store up to four
  • Press your desired location from the search results
  • Press 'Back' to save this location - it will then appear when you press 'Change Location'

3. Press 'Outlook' on the main weather screen for the six day forecast

  • It will automatically display the six day forecast for the currently selected location
  • Select another location to receive other six day forecasts

4. Press 'Radar' on the main weather screen for rain radar images

  • You can then zoom to different levels to check the rainfall in the currently selected location

Toyota Help

Select 'Toyota Help' on your Toyota Link[TL1] screen and you'll be given four options to conveniently access a range of useful operator assisted services.

These include:

1. Getting in touch with a Toyota Dealer for sales and service

  • Press 'My Dealer' then 'Yes'
  • You'll be connected to speak to your Sales or Servicing Dealer
  • You can change your preferred Dealer via the owner's portal

2. Calling your preferred Roadside Assist provider

  • Press 'Roadside Assist' then 'Yes'
  • You'll be connected to your roadside assistance provider
  • You can change your roadside assistance provider via the myToyota portal

3. Contacting a Destination Assist[C4] operator to help you find your destination[C4]

  • Press 'Destination Assist'[C4] then 'Yes'
  • You'll be connected to an operator who can help with directions
  • The operator can also send navigation details to your vehicle at a cost

4. Talk to our call centre

  • Press 'Toyota Link' then 'Yes'
  • The operator can help with the management of your Toyota
  • Update personal details, cancel subscriptions, change of ownership and account detail changes and more

Travel Times

Use Toyota Link[TL1] to 'bookmark' frequent destinations for easy access and record your own preferred routes to compare with those suggested.

1. Press 'Travel Times[TL12] on your Toyota Link screen and select the destination for your journey

  • You can select from previously bookmarked destinations or add a new one
  • To add, search the address, select the correct destination then assign it a name and icon - for example 'My Home' and the 'house' icon
  • The destination will now be saved to your home screen

2. Choose your route option

  • You have the option to select 'Suggested route' the route calculated by Travel Times to be the quickest, or 'Add alternative route' which will record as you make your own way and save this route for later use
  • The route options have colour markers to indicate the level of congestion: light (green), medium (orange) or heavy (red)

3. Details of your route, unless adding a user-recorded journey, will be displayed

  • Travel Times will split the route into five segments allowing you to view each segment in more detail as you get to it

4. Navigate between DETAIL, MAP and LEGEND

  • DETAIL: Information about the current segment of your journey including ETA, incident alerts and remaining journey distance
  • MAP: An overview of full route to destination
  • LEGEND: A reference tool and key explaining icons used throughout the app

5. Check for traffic updates

  • Travel Times will automatically refresh every few minutes, or it can be refreshed manually, to provide the most up to date travel updates

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