This feature provides a seamless and intuitive travel companion. You can create trips by searching and adding destinations. This can be accessed in the vehicle’s multimedia system when the smartphone is connected. You can select multiple stops and save your trip into your phone using the app[TL2].

1. Search location with estimated walking and driving journey.

2. List of nearby fuel stations based on location.

3. List of nearby off-street and on-street parking (where data is available). You can also save the parking location and a parking reminder can be set. This will make it easy for you to track where you parked, to help avoid parking tickets.

4. Add multiple trips on a single journey. This may include petrol station stops and parking locations. All trips can be saved into the smartphone app[TL2].


This new feature makes it easy for you to search for nearby business listings, locate where they are and call them directly. For vehicles with navigation, you can conveniently select the desired business and quickly initiate route guidance to the destination.

Basic Functions

  1. You can perform a nearby Point of Interest (POI) search which shows each business’s name, address and distance to your current location. The results are sorted based on distance.
  2. You can search using your smartphone’s[TL2] voice recognition by pressing the microphone icon within the vehicle display app.
  3. If the vehicle is equipped with navigation, the route information will be transferred onto the built-in navigation by pressing “Set as Destination” button.

Note: Not applicable on Display Audio.

Fuel Nearby**

Creates a list of nearby fuel stations based on location.

** Available on smartphone app[TL2] only.


The weather functions help to keep you up to date with the latest weather forecast whilst on the road. The interface has been updated to present information in a much simpler manner.

Basic Functions

  • Today: Shows today's temperature (max. and min.), condition (sunny, cloudy, storm, etc.), and the forecasted chance of rain, rainfall, humidity, and wind.
  • By selecting the location name, the user can search locations to show weather for different locations along their journey.
  • The microphone icon will allow you to enter a search term using voice recognition using the connected smartphone[TL2].


(Melbourne CBD and limited areas of Canberra only)


Parking will show you the location of off-street parking or (for some locations) the chance of finding on-street parking at the searched destination. Parking locations can be searched either on the mobile device or on the head unit.

Basic Functions

  • When loaded, the parking app will automatically show you off-street parking locations nearby.
  • The microphone icon will allow the user to enter a search term using voice recognition. This uses the microphone of your connected smartphone.
  • The icons next to the search results will show the time to drive from the current location to the parking search result and time to walk from the parking location to the searched location.
  • Selecting a search result will set it as a current trip in the Trips app, and set the destination in the navigation system only for vehicles with inbuilt navigation[C10].

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